3 Top Bachelor Party Ideas

The most important moment of your life has come and the party that will seal your previous past life as a single should be impressive and unforgettable. A bachelor party for the guys, bachelorette/hen party for the gals is traditionally planned by the best man or the maid of honor, but it should be tailored to your own taste: whether it’s a wild night out at a club or a relaxing weekend in a private villa with pool and spa, celebrate your last night of freedom, your way. 

Bachelor(ette) Basic Rules
  • Invite only dear friends, people with whom you feel comfortable and want to share your important moments.
  • The party will last until the morning, only if the groom/bride wants it.
  • Whatever we do, we stay safe and discreetly look out for each other.
In a villa: The luxury of privacy
Χώροι εκδηλώσεων για μπάτσελορ πάρτυ

If your budget allows it, renting a villa (with a pool of course, to enjoy spectacular dives or Insta stories) is an ideal option for a weekend with your friends or for a few hours of fun.


More and more groups now prefer to rent villas as they are not overly expensive, they are definitely more spacious than a hotel suite and also a good solution for your privacy. Plan your favorite activities, whether it’s a Spa Day/Weekend with beauty treatments and yoga or a Fun Day with music, cocktails and endless partying. In addition, there is clearly a wider selection of strippers or other performances if you choose to go down more mainstream paths.


In any case, the safety of you and your guests comes first, so renting a villa is advisable, not only because you can control the surrounding area, but even in case things get a little out of hand… there is a safe environment for everyone feel the need to withdraw…

The useful ones

The Survival Kit will prove to be one of the best allies the day after and here are the essential products you should include:

  • A bottle of water is essential, as alcohol causes dehydration.
  • Headache painkillers.
  • Antibacterial wipes (always useful!).
  • (Plastic) sunglasses for your sleepy eyes.
  • Travel size toothpaste and toothbrush.
  • An energy bar for “fast-refueling” or just for the craving.
  • A packet of chewing gum or candies for chewing and fresh breath.
  • If you want some even more pampering, add a lip balm and a mini moisturizing hand or face cream to the kit, just to make sure you won’t lose your shine.

Before you choose

Although the list of bachelor party villas is long, you should be clear from the beginning about its use so that you choose the ones that are available for parties, especially since you are going to have guests and go wild. The sound insulation is an additional parameter that you must take seriously into account, so that you can enjoy your evening, without unpleasant surprises. Extras for your convenience should include transportation, private chef service and a DJ.

On a boat: Incomparable scenery
Χώροι εκδηλώσεων για μπάτσελορ πάρτυ

Accompany the most beautiful and special memories with the relaxing sound of the sea, the saltiness of summer and the gentle caress of the setting sun. Rent the boat of your choice and live an enjoyable experience with your best friends and an unforgettable party against the background of the endless blue sea! Choose a professional skipper, who will organize everything and take care of every detail, so that your bachelor party is worthy of your expectations. Beware of the weather, which can overturn the original planning of a cruise, so be sure to get the weather forecast in time. Of course, a professional skipper can handle whatever comes your way, but also ensure that the party not only takes place but is memorable! Ideally, the boat should be equipped with a stabilizer system, which helps it stabilize in case of bad weather, while if a sudden storm breaks out, it should have an interior lounge, so that the passengers can be comfortably accommodated. Some companies have their ships available for cruising all year round, so even if you choose to hold your party in the off-season, you can enjoy the most special event of your life.

Decoration, food and guest service are also issues that should concern you. Depending on the agreement you will make, you can either completely entrust the event to the rental company or choose the catering yourself.


  • A cruise can last from 4 to 12 hours. Boat rentals, for a duration of four hours, have a cost that starts from €1,000 and goes up to €1,500 for the smallest boats. However, depending on the size of the boat, the price can go up to €10,000. Renters usually prefer to rent a boat for six hours while some may go bigger and choose a one-, two-, three-day or even weekly rental.


Make sure to book the boat of your choice in time, so that you can plan all the details to perfection and enjoy real VIP services.

In a bar: Holding on to the classics
Χώροι εκδηλώσεων για μπάτσελορ πάρτυ

Whether it’s the spectacular “closing” of your bachelor(ette) or the “traditional” night out, partying at a club remains an infallible choice. A disco or a club with your favorite music is ideal if you want to dance as long as you can. The times when you went out until morning may be long gone due to work or simply mood, but it is never too late to revive a past habit and remember the old days. Don’t forget to take lots of photos for your album and make new memories that will be a reason for more laughs and new sprees. Add life to your party by adding props like balloons and banners with funny or maybe cheesy messages for the groom/bride-to-be.

In this case, make sure you book well in advance and make sure you have arranged for adequate supplies of alcohol and food. If this possibility is not provided in the place you have booked, some light snacks, before you consume alcohol and of course the traditional “dirty”, are lifesavers.


The choice of place can be related to the newlywed member and friends, especially if there is still the bar where the groom and his friends and groomsmen first met or went out.




Whatever you choose, remember that the night is yours, so feel free to make your own rules. In any case, it would be advisable to take into account the following tips:

  • Applies wherever you organize your bachelor party: The bachelor never takes place the night before the wedding. You can’t get married on a hangover.
  • You must go to at least 3 bars. Otherwise, it’s not called a bachelor, but just a casual Saturday night out.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous and can spare the money, choose your transport: A limousine for you and your friends is sure to be a special experience, and there’s always the option of a luxury van. In any case, it would be good if everyone left the cars at home.
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