7 Secrets for the Best Kids Party

Children love parties: laughter, games, excitement, fun and at the same time loads of stressful expectations! Organizing it, however, can be quite a tricky process and many factors need to be considered so that everything goes well. The location, the concept, the food and so many other questions that will inevitably concern you, can cause a headache! Every dilemma can turn out to be a trap, as it is easy to please children, but at the same time they are also extremely strict. That’s why we also give you the 7 best tips to organize the best kids party ever:

1. Set the budget

Whether we like it or not, the budget is what dictates the planning of the party and determine many individual issues, such as the venue, the number of guests, the buffet, etc. The cost of children’s birthday parties can add up quickly, that’s why it’s essential to set the amount you want to spend in advance and stick to it. An easy way to calculate this is to think of the cost per child and parent including food and refreshments/drinks.

2. Find the ideal theme

First, decide with your child the theme of the party, let the guests know what the concept is and the “dress code”. Your options are endless and we are presenting to you the most popular ones: games accompanied by moms for very toddlers up to 3 years old with songs and sensory activities, suitable for this age. Another option is mystery parties or escape rooms, which are very popular with older children, as they spark the imagination and require action. If your child likes singing competitions, then karaoke is the ideal theme for your children’s party, while other equally interesting options are sports parties with activities, zumba, archery, trampoline or Survivor and treasure hunt. For science and knowledge lovers you can opt for science parties, while classic seasonal parties such as Halloween, Christmas and Eggs Hunting are guaranteed to bring many smiles to children’s faces. For video game fans, the new trend is called Lasertag. It is an interactive indoor live activity in a battle full of adrenaline and adventure with modern equipment that will surely be unforgettable.

*The most important thing in organizing a party is planning the activities and allowing for each the appropriate amount of time. It is advisable to know exactly how long each activity will last and of course the time the party finishes should be reasonable because children have a sleeping curfew. You should also make sure that they have enough time to have fun but not get too tired. The ideal duration would be two to three hours.

Event venues for birthday parties Event venues for birthday parties
3. Location, location, location

Forget boring children’s parties, think out of the box and you will surely prepare a celebration that will be remembered for years, both by your child and his guests. It’s easy enough to give your child a day out of their dreams, with the variety of multi-venues at your disposal that can satisfy even the most demanding of them. A place for creative work and experiential relaxation is Pexe Gelase (play and laugh). While you enjoy your coffee in the specially designed area for parents, the experienced staff will cover all the creative needs of your children, giving them the opportunity to find their way of expression. At the Attica Zoological Park you can also organize an unforgettable party for your child, since it is the ideal place for parents who want to do something out of the ordinary. In the cafeteria with a view of the African Savanna, the children get to know the animals, play in the party area or attend an educational program while the parents can enjoy their coffee carefree.

Playgrounds, however, tend to be the first choice of parents, as children love the inflatable games, theballs. A fun option for a kids party are also museums, with most of them now having programs aimed at children as well as many interactive activities. The Children’s Museum is one of the first museum experiences for children where they are provided with an environment adapted to their needs and abilities. It is aimed at children up to 12 years of age, parents and teachers, and a party at the Museum is sure to be unforgettable.

There are also dozens of sports centers, which offer oases of games and activities for our little friends, while their parents can also have a good time enjoying their coffee. Event spaces, bowling alleys, Luna
Park or even a beach bar(!) are among the most popular options for children’s parties. The children’s multipurpose hall, Blanos Sports Park, offers many alternatives and ideas for any children’s event you
wish. Do you fancy Sport? There is bowling, an ice rink and billiards. Looking for more Fun? The largest playground and an amazing luna park to give your children an unforgettable experience of wild play and real fun are at your disposal.

4. Catering: Tasty solution without effort

One of the things that concerns all parents when preparing a children’s party is the food. Make the children’s buffet yourself or leave it in the hands of the experts? The truth is that Catering has several advantages compared to preparing the food yourself: It gives you the freedom to choose from various
menus the one that suits your own needs and your own budget and you can always choose healthy treats , adapted to the eating habits of your guests!

Of course, the birthday cake has a special meaning and all the kids want to have the most impressive one. Special constructions, your child’s photo on the cake, 3D figures and incredible fondant designs are just some of the options to create the birthday cake of your dreams. So, once you have decided on the design of the decoration, place your order in time, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

5. Hire an Entertainer

If you are looking for fun ways to keep children busy by playing games and exercising, an animator will entertain the children in any location you choose. Your options can include contests, music and dance games, magic tricks, surprise gifts and keep your little ones busy by releasing them from the role of “beast tamer”. In addition, they ensure that all children actively participate with their encouragement and guidance, while bringing with them the necessary equipment for the program you have chosen.

Event venues for birthday parties
6. Open presents later

The gift-giving ritual is a magical moment that children can’t get enough of enjoying. However, in recent years, opening presents during the party and in the presence of all the guests has become a controversial issue. One reason for this is that other children can feel bad, and there are countless reasons for this, for example, if their parents forgot to get a gift in time, they couldn’t afford to bring one, they did not bring a toy but clothes or a book. Apart from that, the very enjoyable process of opening presents can be stressful and awkward for the child celebrating. Although it is important for a kid to learn that he should accept the gifts offered to him, it is not always easy to manage his emotions by seeing the various gifts and opening them in front of those who brought them, hiding the difference between real enthusiasm and good manners. especially if he doesn’t like them.

7. Gifts for guests

A kind and thoughtful gesture is to offer small souvenirs to the little guests as a thank you for being there. The important thing here is to offer reminders of the special day. For example, you can put two or three treats in a surprise bag or a small toy.

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