Spetses have a glorious history. It is the home of the heroine Bouboulina while the island's offering and role in the Greek Revolution was decisive. Spetses is now a mansion island with special culture, in a short distance from Athens, which attracts visitors throughout the year. Spetses is surrounded by small, picturesque islands called Spetsopoula, Little Bourboulo and Saint John.

  • Spetses town. The town of Spetses has been characterized preservable. During your visit to the island you will be charmed by the mansions of captains, Byzantine chapels and the artistic courtyards. Dapia Square is the central square of the city, which brings a lot of tourists and nightlife. It is worth seeing the cannons of the Revolution and Spetsiot pebble with which the square is paved. On the island, traffic is prohibited. Hourse driven coaches start from the port and help visitors move in a traditional way on several parts of the island.
  • "Bekiri Cave". In this cave the militant Spetsiots used to hide their women and children to protect them from the Turks. Access to the cave can be achieved through a green path that starts from the beach of Agioi Anargiri.
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