The Experiential School education section of the Non-profit Organization QualityNet Foundation, active since 1997 in the field of education and implements educational experiential programs and actions in children of primary school. So far trained more than 1 million students across Greece, having developed experientially and sponsored educational programs and activities throughout the year for the family and child. The educational programs of Experiential School have the approval of the Ministry of Education.

Recognizing that "only what you accepted in your soul, this only learn and incorporate into your life and your character" -as says American philosopher J. Dewey, the educational method of experiential School based on experiential learning through which children gain experience, they get knowledge, experience situations and develop attitudes, creating the culture that follows them the rest of their lives. So -based vioma- children properly informed and adopt patterns of behavior on important issues -as the subject of healthy eating, energy saving, bullying, diversity, road safety, waste management, etc. .

As part of its activities Experiential School, is organized from 5/6 to 7/6 a festival that talks about the environment and culture in its natural place, nature, under the wing of the plane trees, in Ag. Kaletziou, near the dam of Lake Marathon.

So, with the slogan "Small & Large in Action" invites children, parents and teachers, but also institutions and organizations, the Festival of the Environment and Culture.

Its aim is to encourage children and adults to learn better the nature and the significant environmental and cultural elements of the region to raise awareness on issues of environmental protection, but also to create tomorrow's active citizens in a sustainable consciousness.

The priority you give to children is:

  • out of the urban environment and come into contact with nature
  • cultivate the imagination and creativity
  • present their own environmental projects
  • fun, learning

The ultimate aim of the Body is the specific organization to become an institution, an initiative to embrace the audience and become the point of discussion in the Environment and Culture issues.

For more information, visit or inquire at 210-6898593.

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