At the beginning of December, we decided to start winter visits from the city center. We found ourselves down town, at Booze Cooperativa. An unusual venue where the aesthetic art - rock and the urban element is perhaps the trademark of the magnificent three-storey neoclassical building on 57 Kolokotroni Street.

Booze, apart from a meeting point for a coffee or a batch of chess at its large dining rooms, is an ideal venue for hosting events of any type. Surely it has a preference at the party, you can undestand it from the second you enter, but that does not mean it denies the most "serious" meetings.

We climbed to the floor where, in a large open space, over 200-300 people can easily get together and enjoy music, drinks and buffet delicacies.

The event that we attended had rhythm, very good service, fun, nice music and lots of dancing. Lets not forget the very good ventilation (smoke is not something that we should stand).
It is worth trying!

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