WHAT is metallaxis
A conference inspired by the city of Kalamata and the situation of the last years. A city that redefines its identity, a county that wants to add his mark on the world tourism map and shopping.

The metallaxi through practices, experiences, ideas and suggestions: Microsoft, Facebook, Labour Market in Tourism, Corporate Identity & Design, City Branding, «KALAMATA: 21 European City of Culture, a Candidate City 'Gastronomic Tourism, Production Events, Architecture, Funding Opportunities .

Entrepreneurs operating in the region of Kalamata, local groups that think forward for workers & students who need information and professional direction, to potential entrepreneurs. In people who believe that metallaxi can be an opportunity for something new.
View metallaxis as an opportunity! Opportunity to be inspired by something you hear, learn about good urban practices abroad, to learn about alternative forms of tourism, to listen to for expansion of your business, to get ideas to make the most of what we offer through technology and design, to think positively, to see how ordinary people doing great things. A chance to meet people like you who seek metallaxi and are willing to do something about it.

For more information and reservations visit the insituproject.gr

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