Many potential customers visit your venue but only a certain number return and confirm the booking or refer another customer.
From your experience you know there are many aspects on which you need to focus to ensure the Customer is happy. Taking into consideration these key issues, whether the event is large or small can make or break the event.
myVenue is introducing a small section in our Newsletter which will provide tips for you to consider when planning your event or setting up your venue.
We want to begin a dialogue with you to share our ideas from our experience as event organisers in different venues across the world and for you to contribute your experiences as well.
Joining the myvenue team is Marios Chryssavgis, a Greek Australian who came to Greece to work at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games but has stayed. He brings to the team a range of event planning and management including sporting events, exhibitions and concerts, conferences and other smaller events across many regions of the world.

Find out more about Marios here!

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