Distinguished Greek and foreign fashion designers,  whose name is linked to fashion and  unique aesthetic, will present their creations made out of eco materials, state their position, set an example and transfer a message of sustainability and  true love of the environment.
Greece will be the 7th country globally which wil host in her capital city an organised Eco Fashion Event, continuing a tradition of innovation and creativity. Vancouver, Berlin, London, Moscow, New York and Cyprus acted and walked on catwalk in an eco-way! Now, is finally the turn of Athens!
Fashion designers who will participate are; Vassilis Zoulias, Chara Lebessi, Nikos Apostolopoulos, Orsalia Parthenis, Lena Katsanidou, Celia Kritharioti, Maraveya, 5226, Eleni Baltagianni, Mumu Organic, Dimitri Zafeiriou, Caroline DeSouza, Smaragdi, LOL the brand, Pericles Kondylatos, Georgina Skalidi, Panos Apergis, DreaWish, Loukia, Erifilli, Hera Limniotaki, 9 designers from 9 countries and the famous brand Dsquared!
Zolotas Brand has designed one special jewel for DoitEco in only 100 exclusive pieces. A famous artist will design two pairs of TOMS shoes which will be auctioned.  Thiros bags as well will make an exclusive bag only for the Project. All the money collected from the auction process will be given to a charity for a good cause.  Staff Jeans company will add its unique taste on the DoitEco Project  t-shirts.
Mustafa Sabbagh, Art Director of DoitEco from Milan, came for a couple of days, exclusively for the promo video of the Project and the photoshooting of the two presenters of the big night, Antigone Kouloukakos and Antonis Vlontakis as well. The photoshooting was hosted at Penthouse Suite of King George, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens and it was followed by a welcome tea wine party by Lipton.
Education concerning Ecology
Within the context of DoitEco Project and in collaboration with Aeiphoria, it wias held the first seminar about Ecology and Fashion on Decemer 19th at King George Hotel, with key-speakers people from TOMS shoes company, Unilever, Lipton, Starwood Hotels, Dimstel and the not-for-profit organizations EcoluxeLondon and Organisi Gis.
We are proud that Ecoluxe London will put its seal at DoitEco Athens. Ecoluxe London ia a not-for-profit platform exclusively devoted to ecological, ethical and sustainable fashion. (www.ecoluxelondon.org, www.ecoluxelondonboutique.com)
Grass Graffiti on the walls and eyes on the trees will beautify central hubs of Athens. Moreover, our youtube campaign, where beloved people from showbiz speak about ecology, has as basic target to awake our eco- consciousness.
DoitEco Project was presented in TEDxAthens festival of innovation with a jewelry gallery made out of natural materials.  
DoitEco Project is supported by Hellenic Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping, SEVE, National Tourism Organisation, European Economic and Social Committee and the Minicipality of Athens.

DoitEco comes in eco-mood!  Get ready…

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Organizing Company: Ally
Diamond Sponsor: King George, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens
Platinum Sponsor: Lipton Tea
Gold Sponsor: Dimstel
Bronze Sponsor: Nice n Easy Bio Restaurant, LG
Supporters: Nineagency, Pixelmedia, Art and Vision, Dreamwish

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