Santorini's capital is Fira. Santorini or Thira, took its present form after a volcanic eruption in 1613 BC.
The island offers a unique nightlife experience, it presents archaeological interest and is suitable for those who want to enjoy a swim in the beautiful beaches or event see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.
Santorini is a great destination for your honeymoon or an unforgetable wedding proposal.

  • Fira. The picturesque capital of the island is ideal for unforgetable walks.
  • Oia. Village which is famous around the world for its sunset.
  • Sunset in Caldera. Where the colors of the iris in the eye of the visitor "dance": the blue of the sea, the volcanic red the white houses, through the imposing view of the Caldera.
  • Imerovigli village. It is a traditional village that you will love.

Archaeological sites-museums

  • Archaeological Museum of Santorini. You will see artifacts that date back to the Archaic period until today.
  • Museum of Prehistoric Thira. Here you will see the famous gold  ibex statuette.
  • Museum Hall Gyzi. You will be able to see everyday objects that the residents of the island use.
  • Folklore Museum in Kontohori. You'll see engravings, rocks and objects of daily life of the inhabitants.
  • Maritime Museum in Oia. You will see everyday objects that masters and captains use.
  • Wine Museum in Vothonas. You will discover many things about the exceptional wine of Santorini.
  • Argyros Mansion Messaria. You will be albe to see how the inside of a traditional house in Santorini looks like.

Monasteries and Churches

  • Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral. It was built in 1827 and features important murals.
  • Catholic Cathedral. Baroque style, has an impressive bell tower.
  • Monastery of the Prophet Elias. It was built in 1712 and stands out for its architecture.
  • Monastery of Agios Nikolaos. Dating from 1651.
  • Panagia Episkopi (Episkopi Gonia). It has unique murals.
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