In 2012 we faced a lot of obstacles but won several races.

At the begining of last year, started making its first "undercover" steps.
Before even going live it was chosen among 273 proposals as one of the 3 most innovative in the field of Tourism (Corporate and Conference Tourism). This was because is the first bilingual booking tool for venues in Greece, that develops the ability to organize various types of events from residents that live inside and/or outside the country. The competition was of  high standards and it was titled Make Innovation Work. It was conducted by the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Cisco and under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Greece.

Since last has started growing while it is continually renewing and enriching its content and at the same time it refines and redefines the requests management process that are received on a daily basis.

Before the completion of 2012, it was chosen once again as one of the most inspiring proposals in a competition of Coca Cola called Reasons to Believe, as an idea that can really drive change in its sector.
And just a while before the year "flew away", it gave its first major interview broadcast on NET in the27 European to Kostas Argyros, among other start ups like TaxiBeat the CoLab, the Cookisto etc. is the first Venue Finding service based in Greece which is offered for FREE (for standard searches), with smart B2C and B2B tools the on line platform to make finding venues for all kinds of events a simple case. Moreover, it has chosen specialized partners that by covering different sectors, aims to help the individual and offline searches, providing significant assistance in the search sites, and Know How for how it would be nice to think everyone depending on event that wishes to organize.

Today we can say with great pleasure that the sites in our network is constantly growing, as is the desire of our visitors rely on us after the first 10 days of 2013 have already doubled their demands.
Our aim is to record all the points that could be made in any one event in Greece and assist in the management, promotion and development of both sites, and the destinations where they are.

On this occasion we would like to thank the actor George Horafa for accepting to participate in the campaign to be launched later this year, friends who have supported us and support us in our first steps, and all those who believe in our service and with the participation and feedback, helping us to develop it and make it better.
We look forward to becoming your good habit ... the place to find your place when you want it and like imagining the best possible price for each event.
The more you ask us, the more we do our best to achieve it!

With appreciation and best wishes for a creative future!
Team Development and Management (Meet the Team)

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