The new plant and machinery of modern technology, and the subsequent signing of the concession agreement and holding spaces between PPA and Enterprises' Louli "
 are another investment of Euro 10,000,000 in land owned facilities of the Group "Louli" and port facilities PPA

Inaugurating, along with Mayor Keratsiniou Mr. L. Tzanis, the facilities of the new Mill St. George, Mr. George Anomeritis among others said: "I am impressed by the investment, but mainly for the highly organized and unique in Greece Museum which presents the history of-Wheat-Flour-Bread. In this museum, the Piraeus port and acquire another museum near you included the Cultural Coast of Piraeus. Moreover, the old silos of PPA not only survived as an industrial monument, but converted into a museum and one of Underwater Antiquities. The investment, finally, which was made by the company's own resources, without bank loans and subsidies, with the cooperation and support of PPA SA shows
especially at times that some smuggled their money abroad, that there are entrepreneurs who love their jobs and their homes. "


Source : Travelling News

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