Join the 2nd Spetses Mini Marathon in Spetses, October 12-14

Following the huge success of last year's 1st Spetses Mini Marathon, this year’s event will take place between October 12th and October 14th 2012.  Many new exciting events and activities have been added transforming the 2nd Spetses Mini Marathon into a three-day athletic and cultural event.

Specifically, after popular demand from last years’ participants, the following events have been included:

1st Cross Spetses Channel Swimming Competition (Kosta-Spetses) - Saturday, October 13. Swimmers will have the opportunity to swim either the 2.5 km race (starting from the Kosta shore and finishing at the pier in front of Poseidonion Square) or the 5 km race, starting from Poseidonion Square and all the way back to the Kosta shore. Throughout the race, measures have been taken to ensure the safety and well being of the participants.  In particular, the traditional Spetses Shipbuilding Association (aptly named “Agamemnon” after the boat of Spetses heroine Bouboulina) will offer caiques lining the route, buoys will be placed as marks and lifeguards from Lifeguard Hellas will follow swimmers on canoes. The event will also be attended by World Swimming Champion, Spyros Gianniotis who finished 4th in the 2012 London Olympic Games

1000 Meters Children's  Race, for children aged 6 to 12 years-Saturday, October 13.  The children will run from the Spetses Hotel and finish in front of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel.  The race will be organized with the same precision and timing as the adult race (with electronic chips to monitor time).

• Non-competitive Bicycle Island Tour, Saturday, October 13th.  Participants will have a chance to cycle around the island, thus having the opportunity to explore the 26 km route before the mini Marathon on Sunday October 14th.

The culmination of the athletic events will be the two running courses which will be held on Sunday October 14th.  Specifically, the 5 K (Fun Run) and 26 K (Island Round). The 26 km course is the full naturalistic round of the island, whereas the 5 km course goes through the center of the island, Dapia, and the Old Harbor.

The hub of all the non-athletic events will be the emblematic Spetses landmark, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, which is the hospitality partner of the race, where the registration and press office will be housed as well as other activities.

Moreover, in the main island square in front of the hotel, the Women’s Association of Spetses will host a free lunch on Saturday October 13th (with pies and other traditional delicacies) and on Saturday night a free for all MELISSA Pasta Night will be held for all participants and guests.

The Gold Sponsor of the Spetses mini Marathon, for the second year in a row,  is ING (sponsor of the New York marathon) and Telecoms Provider is WIND, sponsor of the Athens Classical Marathon in the 5 km and 10 km races.

Supporters of the race are the “AURA-Active Cap” that will offer sports drinks, juices, soft drinks and water to all participants as well as the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses.

The Spetses Mini Marathon is held under the auspices of the Municipality of Spetses.

For more information such as the Race program and special accommodation packages, please visit or follow us on facebook

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