Spetses is one of eight European cities participating in the European Network of Historical Reconstructions, along with cities in Belgium, Brussels, Dublin and Cork in Ireland, Bailen Spain, the Czech Republic Slafkof, Tiouksmperi in Britain and Hydra, which are corresponding representations of historical events.

On the same day, September 8, Spetses, celebrates the Virgin Armata and the anniversary is celebrated with cultural events organized by the municipality last week.

The program of the celebration begins Monday, Sept. 3 and ends Sunday, September 9. Includes: an exhibition dedicated to the traditional costumes of the Aegean, photo by D. Papademos' From Egypt to Spetses "and painting works by painters Al. Tsironi and D. Tassiulas organized by the School of Spetses Anargyrios Korgialenio the house of S. Anargyros.

Also, children's choir, shadow theater, rock concert by the band Soul less, latin dances by local dance groups, musical journeys, Georgian folk dances, great Vespers at Panagia Armata, dances and songs from the Lyceum of Greek Women with friendly participation of Dionysis Savvopoulos concert and Kostas Macedon and Anastasia Moutsatsou.

This Saturday, September 8, the program of events includes festive cannon, Divine Liturgy at Panagia Armata, thanksgiving and memorial monuments at the site of the church, wreath, pronunciation festive, musical journey with his band Navy salute the Mayor of Spetses and the representation of the historic battle, this official.

The festivities will conclude Sunday, Sept. 9, with cannon, thanksgiving in the cathedral of St. Nicholas, deposit and throwing wreaths into the sea, festive, traditional dances and music from the band night "Remezzo."

Through these events, Spetses remember the battle of 1822, when Andreas Miaoulis and masters of the three islands (Hydra, Spetses and Fisherman), faced the Turkish forces, while Kosmas Spetsiotis Barbatsis burned the Turkish flagship, so the Turkish fleet to retreat empty handed.

The festival program details:

Monday 3 September 2012

General Bunting services, shops and docked ships.

18:00 - Folklore Workshop Report Spetses.
18:30 Leisure-child activity «Batelefield Live Hellas».


19.30 - Songs from the Greek 'Choir St. Anthony. " Teaching music accompaniment (Address Despina Papadimitriou J. tope)

20.00 - Opening exhibition, organized by the Foundation Anargyreos Korgialeneios School of Spetses (AKSS) in mansion Sotiriou Anargyros. The exhibition will showcase the works of artists and Tsironi Alexander Demis Tassiulas and students of the workshop (hours: 20.00-22.00 from 4-8 September 2012)
20.30 - Shadow Athanasiou
21.45 - Rock concert by the band Spetsioti «SOUL LESS» (Square Neptune)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

20.00 - Opening of the Photo Gallery "figureheads". National Bank Cultural Foundation Dimitris Papademos - Travel Photography from Egypt to Spetses. "

20.30-dance group Spetses LATIN (Editor Mary Stasinopoulou)
21.30 - Musical Journey with mezzo soprano Helen Voudouraki "Love the Music of the World"

Thursday, 6 September 2012

20.30 - 'NOTES PENCIL AND POETRY GREECE ", sung by mezzo etc. Helen Kotadaki. At the piano, etc. Laura Airbus UK.

21.45 - Georgian Traditional Dances and Songs under the auspices of UNESCO


18.30 - Great Vespers in the Church of Panagia Armata, His Eminence Metropolitan chorostatountos Hydra, Spetses, Aegina and Mr. Ermionida Ephraim.

20.00-Songs and Dances of Greece with the dance group of the Lyceum of Greek Women and friendly participation of D. Savvopoulos.
21.30 - Concert of Macedonian Constantine, Anastasia Moutsatsou and large orchestra (SPONSORSHIP: From ISLANDS REGIONAL UNIT)


07.00 - Celebratory cannon

07.30 - Divine Liturgy at Panagia Armata
09.00 - Departure from the official port of Dapia for Panagia Armata
Blessing at church and memorial monuments in the area of ​​Panagia Armata.
Wreath laying ceremony at the monument Barbatsis Kosmas, National Anthem by the Music Association of Spetses, reciting the poem "Kosmas Barbatsis" by Panagiota etc. Boulamatsi and panegyric from others Kriemadi Theodora.
19.00 - Reception at City Hall official Spetses
20.15 - Musical journey with the band of the Navy
21.15 - Proclamation honorary citizens of Natalia Mela etc and Messrs. Mimis Plessas
-Mayor of Spetses Mr. Panagiotis LYRAKI
- Texts from the scholar Mr. Paul Paraskevaides
- Narrated by Mr. philologist Kingdom Bakyra
- Fireworks


07.00 - Celebratory cannon

10.00 - Departure official Square Poseidonios.
10.30 - Praise the Metropolitan Church of St. Nicholas. Wreaths.
Speech by the philologist Mrs Panagiota Bouzourmpadi
12.00 - Throw wreaths at sea Dapia
20.30 - Musical Evening with the People Group "Remezzo"
All events will take place in the Square Poseidonios.

Source www.nooz.gr

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