The  fairytale life of Angelos and Leto began in the 1930s and ended in  1997. The important neurologist and his wife were active members of Athenian society, deeply cultured and creative. Their home on Amalias Avenue was one of the great salons literaires of  the so-called 30s generation. The totality of poets, authors,  artists and scholars that placed their mark on modern Greece belonged  to their company of friends alongside many European and American  intellectuals. There is no other place in modern Athens  with so many memories distilled in pieces of furniture, paintings and  books.

The  Katakouzenos House Museum opened its doors in 2008 thanks to the people that believed in its magical story, thanks to all of you who visit it and, as in every fairytale, thanks to a good  fairy that saved it with her magic touch. Its goal is to preserve and promote its rare heritage while investing in the future, a new generation.

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