The Meet Market is back at Texnopolis this July 7&8, with a very special inside-out summer edition, fighting to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive and kicking! For our 38th & largest market to date, the event will take place at the back in the spacious D12 Nikos Gatsos hall - both indoor and outdoor.  Over 125 unique artists, we'll be sharing their creations in a mixture of indoor stalls and outdoor tents full of a versatile melange of locally designed good ... and over 30 new participants too!   And as always, there will be non stop dj sets to keep the participants moving and grooving all weekend long from Athenian djs... and prizes to win at the central tameo, even if you are penniless! So go and visit, whatever your fancy! A weekend city stroll, treat yourself to some shopping, listen to good tunes, learn something in a workshop or just to get to know it better!

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