All venues are strongly connected to their destination and vice versa.

If you are an organizer, especially on destination events, then you surely understand how important it is to know what each destination has to offer in order to be able to manage it with the best and most effective and efficient way for your event.

In we have started collecting information in relation to the destinations in which our venue members are located, while we contintue building and adding more in collaboration with our members. We are aiming towards a complete understanding of the destination that a venue that you might be cooperating is situated so as to provide you with the ability to manage it in the best possible way.

You will find some of the key elements in the following articles. Some extra information can be found in certain Venue menus as well as information about the location, the major points of interest  and venue's distances from them.

This is just the begining of our quest to develop better and meaningful knowledge about each destination.