• 1. How is this Venue finding service free?

  • 2. Do the venues add on your commission to maintain their rates of payment?

  • 3. Why is it better to use your service?

  • 4. What happens after we the venue finding procedure for my event is over?

  • 5. How do I make a booking?

  • 6. What types of venues can you find?

  • 7. I've been lookind at your listed venues, are these the only venues you work with?

  • 8. I've got an event in three weeks, can you find me a venue?

  • 9. I'd like to see a selection of venues can you arrange this for me?

  • 10. I've got extra requirements from the venue such as AV and Team Building, can you arrange this for me?

  • 11. What happens when I decide to confirm one of the venues?

  • 12. Why should I consider Greece for my event?

  • 13. What info is available in myVenue.gr?