Key Word Vocabulary

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The Key Word Vocabulary has been created ​​in order to facilitate simple and professional organizers to communicate and understand the terminology used in event organizing, tourism, conferences etc.

There are also some Tips serving from one side incoming organizers to understand the Greek system and on the other Greeks to understand the requirements or what one perceives as a specific service from abroad.
The dictionary is constantly updated with new terminologies. If there is a word that you cannot find in the dictionary, please e-mail us and we will add it.


A & B

Accommodation & Breakfast.

A la Carte

French term which means "from the menu.
Tip.: As each item is individually priced “a la Carte” menus are not usually used for large groups.


An individual, registered for or participating in conference and or event. i.e. delegates, exhibitors, media, speakers and guests.


The overall total number of people at an event.

Accompanying Person

Guest, partner or spouse of an attendee. Usually required to pay an accompanying person reduced rate when attending.

Tip.: In rare cases the accompanying person does not pay, if it accompanies a blind person or a person with site limitations.

Area Converter Definitions

The acre is a unit of area in a number of different systems, including the imperial and U.S. customary systems. The acre is often used to express areas of land. 

Are is a unit of area, equal to 100 square metres (10 m × 10 m), used for measuring land area. It was defined by older forms of the metric system, but is now outside of the modern International System (SI).                                                                                                                                          

A barn is a unit of area. While the barn is not an International System of Units (SI) unit, it is accepted (although discouraged) for use with the SI. Originally used in nuclear physics for expressing the cross sectional area of nuclei and nuclear reactions, today it is used in all fields of high energy physics to express the cross sections of any scattering process. 

A hectare is a unit of area equal to 10,000 square metres (107,639 sq ft), or one square hectometre (100 metres, squared), and commonly used for measuring land area. It is most commonly used in the surveying profession for day to day legal documents such as land deeds, mortgage surveys, town planning, environmental protection, and other necessary property considerations under the law.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Air Conditioning.


Formal record of transactions of a particular type expressed in money or other unit of measurement and maintained in a ledger.

Actual Cost

Costs determined on the basis of historical data and not upon estimated increases in costs or averages.


Any paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.

Adjoining Rooms

Hotel bedrooms with connecting doors.

Tip.: Ideal for families attending events or VIP’s that need to connect with their security.

Advance Registration

Booking prior to when an event takes place.

Tip.: It allows attendees to register for an event before it actually takes place. Done through mail, phone, internet or fax.


In terms of the event management industry, it is the company given responsibility to act and manage on behalf of the client ( is a service agency, acting as agents for event management and venue finding).


A list of key-note speakers, with timings and presentations handed to the conference delegates, as part of their on site registration procedure.

Tip.: Should be issued to members and delegates not later than 4 weeks before conference.


Audiovisual Event production, equipment and materials used in sound and visual presentations. E.g. television monitors, projectors, video, sound equipment, etc.


A small and light portion of food served before a gala dinner, usually whilst seated.

Advance Deposit

Amount of money paid in advance to secure a service provided. i.e. accommodation, conference room etc.

Airport Hotel

A hotel situated near a major airport; usually designed for business travelers with one overnight.


They are often complimentary items or services conducive to material comfort or convenience provided in the accommodating rooms such as: writing supplies, bathrobes, fruit baskets, shower caps, shampoo, shoe shine etc.

Tip.: They are usually provided for the guests for free, but some hotels charge them. If your client is a cosmetic company you can always make a deal to put some of its amenities at selected guest rooms. This service if not provided for free and will be charged at a room drop price.

A/V Contractor

Supplier of technical staff and audiovisual equipment (e.g. projectors, screens, sound systems, video, and staging).

A/V Technician

An audiovisual professional audiovisual professional who is responsible on-site for lighting, sound, video, staging or other similar elements of a conference or event.

Tip.: Most venues have onsite or preferred suppliers that can assist with basic A/V requirements.

Act of God-Force Majeure

An extraordinary natural event such as extreme weather, earthquake, volcano eruption, flood, hurricane e.t.c., that cannot be reasonably foreseen or prevented over which there is no reasonable control.

Tip.: It is necessary to be included in a contract upon which the parties have no legal responsibility to continue performance of the contract.

After Dinner Entertainment

Exciting entertainment to engage your guests after the formalities.

Arrival Pattern

Specific days and times in which attendees are expected to arrive for conference.

Attendee Head Count

Counting of attendees so as to check for no shows.

Attendee Name Announce

The Attendee Name Announce at an audio conference is a feature that requires each participant to record their name before gaining access to a conference call. The name of each new attendee is announced as they join the conference call.


Seating similar to university lecture theatres. Many auditoriums are exceptional conference venues and provide excellent audio-visual facilities.

Audio Conferencing

It connects three or more parties together to send and receive information via an audio conference. Although typically synonymous with telephone conferencing, audio conferencing can also refer to Internet phone calls or audio streaming.

Auxiliary Services

Contracted services that provide support for a conference and or event.