• Visiting Vorres Museum

    Visiting Vorres Museum

    This time, we moved away a bit from the center of Athens to visit perhaps one of the most special venues, the Vorres Museum.

    January,19 2019
  • Visiting Eleon Loft

    Visiting Eleon Loft

    At the start of the New Year, the first place we visited in early January is the Eleon Loft.

    January,10 2019
  • Visiting a unique place, Metallourgeio

    Visiting a unique place, Metallourgeio

    Just a few days before Christmas and our visits to venues in the center of Athens, brought us to a unique place: Metallourgio!

    December,23 2018
  • Visiting K8 Point

    Visiting K8 Point

    The winter visits to Athens just before Christmas continue as we continue to find places absolutely worth the visit.


    December,7 2018
  • Visiting Booze Cooperativa

    Visiting Booze Cooperativa

    At the beginning of December, we decided to start winter visits from the city center. We found ourselves dowtown at Booze Cooperativa

    December,4 2018

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