The 6 most popular wedding styles

Deciding on the style of your wedding may seem like quite a complex project at first. How can you decide on a bunch of important dilemmas such as style, guests, decoration and all the other details without getting overwhelmed with the so-called pre-wedding stress? We accept the challenge and undertake the difficult task of recommending the most popular wedding styles!

1. Micro-Weddings: As per your dream

More and more couples choose to have their wedding on a smaller scale, for financial reasons but also to create a special atmosphere of intimacy. The micro-wedding trend may have become even more popular in the post-Covid era, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to have the wedding of your dreams in a more flexible way.

The fewer the better

What determines the scale of the wedding will, is the number of guests. The fewer people there are, the more economical the wedding will be, since there is no doubt that fewer guests equals lower wedding costs. The food will be less, the reception area will be closed for fewer people, fewer invitations, less possible transportation and rentals. All your wedding expenses will be reduced.

Invest in quality

But if you decide to be generous and spend enough money, sacrificing quantity for the quality of your wedding, you will live a priceless experience. This means that the cost can rise to that of an open wedding ceremony, offering, however, a high-level experience for the couple and their guests. Choosing a special venue, spectacular wedding decorations, a designer wedding dress, fine dining and wine becomes more affordable for the bride and groom as your guest list shrinks, turning your private wedding into an unforgettable experience that everyone will enjoy and remember.

Less stress

If you don’t have time to oversee and resolve misunderstandings, arrange delays and cope with nagging both on the day of the wedding and before, a small wedding could be a less stressful option and definitely more manageable. You won’t have to worry about whether your guests are sitting in the right place or happy with their table.

Endless event space options

A wedding with a limited guest list gives you endless venue options. Couples planning large weddings are often limited to venues that can accommodate the number of guests, while a micro-wedding can allow you to think outside the box.

If the reception takes place in a closed circle, it would be wise to consider small hotel venues or alternative reception areas, so that they are comfortable but not chaotic, while there are also other alternatives: A yacht, could be the perfect setting for your wedding party giving the prestige you want to such a special occasion, gazing at the sunset from the illuminated deck in an idyllic atmosphere.

wedding venues
2. Open wedding ceremony: Go big

A grand scale wedding is sure to be an unforgettable day. A classic car, beautiful dress, flowers and an amazing venue will leave you with wonderful memories and amazing photos. Every bride wants to have a great day and a big wedding will make you feel special. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, then a big wedding is the way to go!

One of the most beautiful reasons to have a big wedding is that you can share your joy with everyone—almost literally. You can invite all your relatives, friends, acquaintances, former and current colleagues and create wonderful memories. Open weddings are offered, however, for another reason: it is a good opportunity for you or your parents to reciprocate invitations. Of course, the more the guests, the more the gifts, which can be quite a shallow reason, but it is still quite important!

3. Alternative party

If you are not a fan of conventional wedding receptions, then an alternative party, styled with your own personal tone is the way to go and we present you with the most useful tips: The alternative touch is determined by the wedding dress, so our advice is to let yourself go and move on more unconventional paths. From a black jacket and short leather winter boots if it’s winter, to flat sandals if it’s summer, the options are endless, but the rule of thumb is, be diligently sloppy! Of course, the appearance of the groom should be similar, leaving aside the mainstream options. Next, we advise you to stay away from the traditional cake and choose the flavors you really love such as muffins, crepes or even pancakes, cheesecake, millefeuille, giving a sense of coziness, while as for the natural space of the alternative party, a winery or the Equestrian Club are just some indicative locations for you. An alternative party assumes that you have acted according to your own personal taste and the last detail concerns the invitations. Try writing the invitations yourself and generally choose quite the handmade in the element. Rely on your own strengths in the preparation and decoration of any space and create a wedding 100% exactly as you want it!

4. Formal Reception: Attention to detail

Dreaming of celebrating your big day with a glamorous black tie dress code reception? At first glance, the project may seem demanding, but attention to detail and lots of champagne are enough to turn your wedding into an unforgettable event for everyone. Firstly, look for a venue that will leave you with the best impressions by giving your wedding reception the luxury and glamor it deserves. Small artificial lakes and wonderful rock gardens will contribute to the creation of an idyllic setting. However, no formal wedding reception is complete without an impeccably laid and decorated table and this requires the right number of excellent quality cutlery and china. Find stylish decorations and be sure to get a stunning cake (don’t be afraid of gold leaf or anything else that glitters). In addition, it is important to take care of even the smallest decorative details, such as napkins with your initials or create a formal atmosphere with a pianist playing classical music.

*Don’t forget to include a black-tie dress code on your calligraphic and sophisticated invitation so your guests can dress accordingly!

5. Ode to summer

Summer weddings are characterized by light mood, vibrancy and colors. A summer wedding can follow any style, while weddings usually take place by the sea and have a more relaxed style. Following the light and relaxed mood of the holidays, your wedding will resemble a summer party with bright, bright colors, tropical decoration and young, modern details.

The warm breeze, the colorful flowers and those incredibly long days that seem to never end are just some of the reasons to love summer. You can opt for the Greek islands, bigger or smaller, crowded or remote for every taste and budget! You will find picturesque landscapes, wonderful golden beaches, magical sunsets, crystal clear seas and unique architecture in shades of white and blue!

All these elements will compose a dreamy atmosphere for your wedding day, they will direct your moments in a unique way, from beginning to end. The relaxed mood, the summer breeze, the vibes of the island make up the perfect combination for a party on the sand! A summer wedding on the island is ideal for a boho-chic wedding ceremony and reception. The navy style goes also well with sea landscapes, golden sand, white houses and nature composing a unique setting. Both the Greek islands, and the Athenian Riviera, are the ultimate destination for a summer wedding.

6. Where will you organize a beach wedding party

Finding the beach location for your wedding party may seem like the most difficult task, but if you decide to go down more organized paths, planning a beach wedding party becomes an easy task, provided that it will take place in a beach bar of a free or private beach.

Things are simpler there, since the matter of facilities is solved in advance, in an already organized environment. There are already toilets and electricity, chairs and tables, lights and some kind of roof if the weather turns bad or protection from the sun is required. You, in cooperation with the hosts, should decide on the drinks, the type of food, the music, the decoration, the extra equipment you will need, etc. Make sure there is some wooden platform for guests who will not feel comfortable on the sand and enjoy your dream beach wedding party with the safety and convenience provided by an organized venue.

Ultimately, although weddings seem to have a language of their own and the first terms you’ll need to get your head around are those relating to wedding themes choosing a style that truly reflects your wedding dream is your most important task. Find the one that suits you and customize it to your own taste by adding your personal touch!

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