The Cutting of the Greek New Year’s Cake (Vassilopita): Tips to host the luckiest event of the year

With the Christmas and New Year holidays being over, it is customary that most companies plan the annual cutting of the Greek New Year’s Cake for their staff and partners and organize corporate events combining entertainment with the review of the previous year.

In fact, almost every club, union, company or public organization organizes an event for the cutting of the Greek New Year's Cake, and actually, in most cases, this social event is quite formal. It is, therefore, an ideal opportunity to turn your event into a corporate party, dance or gathering by incorporating the previous year's review and presenting the goals for the new one, rewarding and entertaining your members or partners. However, more often than not, such events turn out to be rather indifferent and boring; for this reason, we share with you all the tips that will make your party unique!

myvenue - χωροι εκδηλωσεων χωροι για εταιρικες εκδηλωσεις
Choose the appropriate venue

Choosing the venue for the party is crucial and, obviously, depends on the number of your guests. If your business facilities are spacious enough to host a party, then with a few tweaks – the appropriate decoration and the right lighting and sound system – you can easily turn it into an entertainment venue. But, if your guests list is rather extended or your space is not suitable for such events, then you may have to consider other options to host your event: Multipurpose industrial spaces or other smaller venues, such as an event estate or an all-day bar can be ideal, as most them offer a full array of services, which is quite relieving, since you don’t have to look for catering, sound equipment and a DJ.

In case you are offered the option of outdoor space, don't panic! Even with winter temperatures, outdoor spaces can be configured with awnings and equipped with stoves so that the temperature is just right and the space is no different from an indoor room.

Indicatively, a list of the characteristics that the entertainment venue, which hosts the cutting of the New Year’s Cake, should have, are:

• Full equipment, operating and music license
• Catering service
• Microphone and sound installation
• Wi-Fi
• Decoration of the surrounding area and the tables
• Parking and valet service

Event program

Designing the concept includes coming up with the theme of the event, planning the flow of the program and all the necessary elements that make up a special experience for each guest. Most importantly, though, make sure your event schedule is enjoyable and has no gaps. Some companies combine the cutting of the Greek New Year’s Cake with assessing the previous year along with their executives and setting the goals for the upcoming one, with the presentation of new products or services and employee bonding. Others opt for organizing a party for their employees’ children with lots of activities and surprises so that everyone has a good time.

Whatever theme you choose for your event, a short opening speech is essential. It is the part where you can incorporate the customary wishes for the New Year and inform your guests about the program of the event (speeches-presentations, gifts, food, dancing, etc.). A special moment will certainly be the awarding of the executives who have stood out showing excellent performance, in the case of the corporate event or members for their offer, in the case of a club.

myvenue - χωροι εκδηλωσεων για εταιρικες εκδηλωσεις myvenue - χωροι εκδηλωσεων για εταιρικες εκδηλωσεις myvenue - χωροι εκδηλωσεων για εταιρικες εκδηλωσεις
Drink and food

On the occasion of the Greek New Year's cake cutting event and depending on the style of your organization or business, you can organize any type of event you wish: from a purely corporate event to the most glamorous and cosmopolitan party of the year. In any case, food and drink play a starring role – whatever time of day you choose to hold your event – and a nice welcome to get the fun started is the first step. A delightful drink, followed by a full buffet with fine dishes and the perfect roundup at the bar with great cocktails is the safest way to ensure that none of your guests are left complaining. Choosing an experienced and reliable catering service will help you select a menu that can excite your taste buds and suits the style of the event, while taking care of all the details so you can enjoy your food and drink and have fun.


Let’s face it: you can’t throw a party without music! Our tip is to consult an expert and entrust your entertainment to professionals so you can be sure that your event will be memorable for your guests.

The Vassilopita

The Greek New Year’s Cake may prompt the event, but at the same time it emerges as the protagonist of the celebration. So, needless to say that it should be made with the freshest ingredients and have a light taste. There are 2 different kinds to choose from: the fluffy flavored cake or the traditional bun recipe with mastic. Round or square, with or without a coating, the Greek New Year’s cake can be made in a way that matches the style of your business or institution and you can even add the logo or design of your choice. Combine it with individually wrapped servings of Greek New Year’s Cakes in a new more modern and anti-covid version.

Don’t forget to get the gift for the lucky winner! Or even better, you can organize a raffle with prizes, which will be mostly appreciated, especially by the children attending the celebration.

Do not forget!

• Promote your event by designing and producing the required texts and graphic material. Attractiveposters and invitations as well as an informative program will bring prestige to your corporate event.

• The cutting of the Greek New Year's Cake may be a festive event, however, as in any event, the decoration plays its own important role. Invest in special constructions such as banners, stands etc. and decoration, will pay off as it will convey your message and make sure that the guests feel the atmosphere you want even in small spaces.

• Take advantage of the media and the social media: Social media marketing has its own way with some steps, which if followed properly, will yield profitable results to the company/organization. Content posts, videos, photos should not be missing, to maximize the awareness and penetration of the celebration, both before and after it takes place.

• Video coverage is one of the most important aspects of any event. If you are within budget, work with experienced professionals to film your event and broadcast it live via the social media. Live video streaming is a cost-effective way to reach online audiences. By filming your event you maximize its benefits, while an after-movie video with the best moments will remind everyone of the best of, bringing smiles to those who attended the celebration!

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