Valentine’s Day: 5 Romantic Destinations for Couples

Elevate the celebration of Valentine’s Day with an unforgettable escape, immersing yourselves in the enchanting landscapes and romantic atmospheres of Greece. From the charming alleys of Plaka in Athens to the historical allure of Thessaloniki, the sophisticated Nafplio, the mesmerizing Santorini, and the aristocratic ambiance of Spetses, each destination promises a unique experience for couples in love!

Athens: Unveiling romance in every nook

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Athens reveals its romantic facets through quaint neighborhoods and acclaimed dining establishments. Whether you fancy a leisurely stroll or a dinner with a view, Athens caters to diverse preferences for couples. The captivating Plaka neighborhood invites you to a fairytale-like promenade along cobblestone streets adorned with colorful flowers and traditional taverns. A bit further north, in Kolonaki, Lycabettus Hill beckons, offering an exquisite vantage point for panoramic views of Athens, creating a magical embrace with your beloved. Follow the enchanting stairways to the summit or opt for the cable car from Ploutarchou Street. For those planning a culinary escapade, the lanes behind Kallimarmaro Stadium host some of the city’s most enticing gastronomic gems. The southern suburbs effortlessly infuse a romantic ambiance into favorite spots, and the Athens Riviera pledges that Cupid won’t abandon your table.

Thessaloniki rendez-vous

Thessaloniki, with its historical charm, breathtaking seaside vistas, and gastronomic delights, stands as an ideal destination for Valentine’s Day in Greece.

A romantic stroll along the White Tower beach at sunset sets the stage for an evening cruise on the Thermaic Gulf, where you can relish city lights and the captivating sunset. Continue your exploration into the Upper Town, where narrow cobblestone streets and distinctive architecture weave a magical tapestry. Discover hidden cafes, charming squares, and extraordinary architectural marvels. Alternatively, an organized walking tour with expert guides can lead you to the city’s most beautiful landmarks.

Immerse yourselves in the vibrant nightlife; choose from cozy cafes or live music clubs for a special evening. Wine enthusiasts can plan a visit to local wineries or, better yet, arrange a day trip and be astounded by the diversity and quality.

The city of hammams offers numerous options, and a visit to a couples’ hammam bath is an unforgettable experience that enhances the romantic ambiance. A delightful bath may include a soothing massage and aromatherapy.

Nafplio: A refined haven for romantic escapes

This historic Peloponnesian town, just a two-hour drive from Athens, serves as an elegant retreat, especially tailored for couples seeking sophistication and idyllic moments.

Nafplio, often dubbed the “Naples of the East,” is a cherished destination for locals and global travelers alike. Ideal for leisurely strolls in the charming alleys of the Old Town with its Venetian architecture, superb dining in local taverns, and capping off the day with a drink at atmospheric bars. Iconic landmarks like Bourtzi and Palamidi provide a unique backdrop for your memorable photos, adding a special touch to Nafplio’s ambiance.

Santorini: Cosmopolitan paradise of love

Santorini, a renowned and classic destination, especially for new love, ranks among the world’s most sought-after destinations. The village of Oia, with its private pool accommodations, fine dining, and the world-famous sunset, offers an unparalleled experience. In February, despite potential closures, you’ll relish tranquility, allowing you to explore the villages without the usual tourist hustle.

Beyond wandering through diverse villages, consider visiting some of the island’s exceptional wineries. Weather permitting, indulge in a luxurious yacht rental for a voyage toward the volcano. Alternatively, head to the Akrotiri area for beach horseback riding, or opt for a spa or yoga retreat for two overlooking the Caldera!

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Spetses: A Retreat to the "Lady of the Argosaronic"

Located just a breath away from Athens, Spetses stands as a timeless and unparalleled destination for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day weekend. Every nook and cranny on this island exudes a unique blend of tradition and elegance.

Begin your journey with a stop at Dapia, where you’ll be enchanted by the magical ambiance of the beautiful harbor. Whether it’s morning or night, Dapia serves as the epicenter of life in Spetses. Choose a seat at one of the seaside cafes, savor your coffee, and take in the panoramic views stretching towards Costa, Porto Heli, the island of Dokos, and the aristocratic Hydra. The atmosphere here pulsates with vitality, offering unforgettable images at every turn. Follow the scenic path that links Dapia to the Old Harbor, a leisurely stroll of approximately 2 kilometers. This waterfront promenade takes you through charming churches, historic mansions, and picturesque small ports. As you arrive at the Old Harbor, bask in the romantic ambiance created by the hues of the setting sun, inviting you to moments of tranquility and pure enjoyment.

Discover the enchanting Cave of Bekiri, also known as the Love Cave, a paradise rewarding those who embark on the hike. For an extra touch of magic, plan your visit during the captivating sunset.

Tip! Engage in one of the island’s most cherished traditions by taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, a delightful experience that offers insights into the history of Spetses.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, craft memories that will endure in a magical realm where time seems to stand still, and joy takes center stage. Regardless of the specific destination you choose, Spetses promises a unique relaxation experience, with each moment serving as an opportunity to seal your love!

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