Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (HORC)

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Quick Features

  • Accessible Venue
  • Inspected Venue
  • Indoor Venue
  • Heliport inside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Environmentally Friendly Venue
  • TAXI available outside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Smoking Area Available
  • Church inside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • With Parking Space inside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Outdoor Venue
  • Train, metro or tram station outside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Non Smoking Area Available
  • With Standard A/V Support
  • With Medical Care inside or close to the Venue
  • At the harbor or close to a dock
  • Private Venue
  • Wi-Fi


Peiraias Greece

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The Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (HORC), founded in 1961 is the largest and oldest sailing club in Greece. It  has a deep commitment to yachting and since 1964 it has been organizing the Aegean Rally, the major sailing event of Greece. The club’s activities extend to other international competitions, as well as many other events.

The three-story neoclassical building of HORC in Mikrolimano, Piraeus, is the best choice for conducting events and receptions and ideal for corporate meetings, assemblies, seminars and presentations due to its complete infrastructure.


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This venue is mostly used for Corporate Events, Seminars, Social Events,