Onassis Cultural Center (OCC)

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Quick Features

  • Accessible Venue
  • Inspected Venue
  • Indoor Venue
  • Environmentally Friendly Venue
  • TAXI available outside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Smoking Area Available
  • Restaurant
  • With Parking Space inside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Train, metro or tram station outside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Outdoor Venue
  • Non Smoking Area Available
  • With Standard A/V Support
  • With Medical Care inside or close to the Venue
  • ISO Certified
  • Private Venue
  • Wi-Fi


Athina Greece

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The Onassis Cultural Centre (OCC) is Athens’ new culture hub, and the venue for productions and events covering the written word in all its manifestations as well as theatre, dance, music and visual arts productions. The Onassis Cultural Centre prioritizes contemporary cultural expression, supporting Greek artists, cultivating international collaborations, providing educational programmes for children and life-long learning for people of all ages, and facilitating dialogue between the world of academia and ideas and the visual and performance arts.


This venue is mostly used for Concerts, Conferences, Cultural Events,