Iokasti Estate combines modern aesthetics with  panoramic views, creating the perfect backdrop for the most important moments of your life.

The folding glass doors and sliding roof of its hall provides the possibility to convert it into an elegant outdoor space overlooking the lovely pool, chapel and very well preserved garden.
Iokasti is supported by its own kitchen with chefs and experienced cooks who are ready to create for you and your guests what you have ever imagined and beyond. From traditional Greek dishes to the most particular tastes of the Orient.
All is manufactured in the venue with natural ingredients with the scope to create unique taste combinations.
Its experienced staff will be by your side at all times, as it happens in a high-level event, providing you with comprehensive support  and impeccable service.

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Iokasti Estate

89th Kalamou Avenue Kapandriti Athina Greece

Capacity: 50 - 350 persons

Kapandriti, , Athina

Quick Features

  • Προσβάσιμος Χώρος
  • Εσωτερικός ή Στεγασμένος Χώρος
  • Εκκλησία εντός ή σε κοντινή απόσταση από το Venue
  • Χώρος Καπνιζόντων Διαθέσιμος
  • Πισίνα Διαθέσιμη
  • Με χώρο στάθμευσης εντός ή σε κοντινή απόσταση από το Venue
  • Εξωτερικός ή Ανοιχτός Χώρος
  • Χώρος για τους μη καπνίζοντες διαθέσιμος
  • Ιδιωτικός Χώρος
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