Diles & Rinies are from the rare cases where pictures can not capture the emotion being generated on site.

The 8 luxurious villas and their carefully aesthetically built surroundings, stand for inspiration and luxury, feelings and images that are hard to resist if you are really looking for the ultimate spot on the island of Tinos to organize a memorable event.

Able to accommodate events for up to 300 people, the complex has a total area of ​​8.000 sq.m. facing south-west. It is positioned in Lagades in Panorama of Tinos and just 5 km from the city center.

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Located 5 kilometers from the port and the Town of Tinos and just a 2 minute drive from the nearest beaches where you can enjoy sun tanning or sitting at the trees that grow right on the beach.  Local villages and famous trails for walking are also very close.

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Diles & Rinies Estate

Lagades Tinos Greece

Capacity: 40 - 300 persons

, , Tinos

Quick Features

  • Χώρος με δυνατότητα διαμονής
  • Περιβαλλοντικά Ευαισθητοποιημένος Χώρος
  • Χώρος Καπνιζόντων Διαθέσιμος
  • Πισίνα Διαθέσιμη
  • Με χώρο στάθμευσης εντός ή σε κοντινή απόσταση από το Venue
  • Εξωτερικός ή Ανοιχτός Χώρος
  • Χώρος για τους μη καπνίζοντες διαθέσιμος
  • Ιδιωτικός Χώρος
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