This industrial museum 30 acres that has been configured in parallel versatile cultural venue becoming another cultural attraction pole of modern Athens.

The former tanks (reservoirs), warehouses, industrial plants, kilns, ovens etc. changed in an artistic "bonding" the aims of the new presentation and art production space. Today the premises of "Technopolis" include patios and enclosed exhibit space, conference rooms, cultural events and presentations, music, dance, theater, photos are used, painting, comics, hagiography and any artistic event.

Housed in the old Gas factory total area of about 30 acres, known as Gazi, next to Ceramic and close to Acropolis. The gradual transformation into a center hosting various events, giving visitors the chance to wander into an area full of images, knowledge and feelings. The charm of a bygone era that is given off by the huge cauldrons (gas holders), chimneys and stoves "conspiring" devoutly to be established as a "factory" of protection and production of art.

Operating since 1999 and is dedicated to the memory of the unforgettable composer Manos Hadjidakis. Honoring Greek poetry, some buildings operating in the field, bearing the name of great Greek poets: Andreas Embirikos (Hall D1), Angelos Sikelianos (D4), Yannis Ritsos (Amphitheater R / S "Athens 9 84"), Kostis Palamas (D10), Takis Papatsonis (D6) Constantine Cavafy (D7), Costas Varnalis (A8) and Nikos Gatsos (D12).

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100 Piraeous Av. Gazi 118 54 Athina Greece

Capacity: 60 - 3000 persons

Gazi, 118 54, Athina

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  • Διαπιστευμένο Mέλος του Athens Convention Bureau
  • Προσβάσιμος Χώρος
  • Εσωτερικός ή Στεγασμένος Χώρος
  • Περιβαλλοντικά Ευαισθητοποιημένος Χώρος
  • Χώρος Καπνιζόντων Διαθέσιμος
  • Με χώρο στάθμευσης εντός ή σε κοντινή απόσταση από το Venue
  • Εξωτερικός ή Ανοιχτός Χώρος
  • Στάση μετρό, τρένου ή τραμ έξω ή σε κοντινή απόσταση από το Venue
  • Χώρος για τους μη καπνίζοντες διαθέσιμος
  • Με βασικό Οπτικοακουστικό Εξοπλισμό
  • Δημόσιος Χώρος
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