K8 Point

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Quick Features

  • Accessible Venue
  • TAXI available outside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Restaurant
  • Train, metro or tram station outside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Outdoor Venue
  • Private Venue


Athina Greece

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A destination to which the Athenians can escape throughout the day K8 Point remains a meeting point for relaxation and entertainment, 7 days a week, coordinating its rhythms at the vibes of a town full of energy and also at the desires of every Athenian and not only. K8 it’s a part of a 3,500 m2 buildings complex named “Ermou Gate” between Ermou 119 Street and Astiggos, at the center of Athens with entrance from both streets. It should be mentioned that building 8 used to be and old hotel where at the ground floor the animals at the travelers were hosted, the second floor was used as a barn and at the first floor all the rooms were located. It is rumored that later on King Othon used the building for his court men. What the visitor sees when coming in K8 is the green entrance and garden which emphasizes in metal and wood, the hanging swings and the colors which the enchase the neighborhood elements. An exquisite rotonda and at its center an olive tree. Two large abbey tables at its right and left side, calling the visitors to become a big company. On the contrary if you want some “privacy” the bar stools and the iron curved bar is what you want.