Phi Space

capacity 10 - 130 people
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Phi Space

Phi Space (Φ) is a harmonious polymorphic space recreated in Chania, Crete.

Φ takes flesh and bones from an idea born out of the trend of our time for gathering and co-housing to consolidate and sustain our professional identity and shelter.

Subsequently, a different idea was born through the realization that Man nowadays is programmed to work and not to work constantly, discounting his well-being. As time increasingly seems " less and not enough" to fit activities into our day, which offer us well-being, the result is that Man loses his balance, enjoyment, and meaning of life and enters into processes of seeking the solution and satisfaction in external points of reference resulting in him being disoriented from his centre & his self-purpose.

We are all called to find time and space for ourselves and what we want and love. Otherwise, what is the purpose & reason for our existence?

Let's consciously take responsibility for our lives and move forward!!!

Our vision

Let's create a space and time that fits us all and everything in the here and now!

To construct our reality and our environment the way we want it, to create the conditions in which we will work with pleasure in a team, cooperative, and solidarity climate.

Altogether, under the same roof with a shared vision of the well-being of Man, we will work complementary and holistically for the human desires and needs of modern man where he needs to remember his self-evident right to a good life.


The Phi Space

The Space is Modular, and the Rooms - are transformed into theater scenes depending on the style befitting and chosen in each Project. The furniture is intelligent, modular, neutral with natural character, and serves most of the project requirements. The design and flow of space inspire the conduct of any project, conferences, festivals, seminars, workshops, training courses, gatherings, parties, theatrical performances, and musical events.

Venue amenities
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Phi Space
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