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One hundred-eighty years ago, this was not the center of the city. It might be hard to picture, but Klafthmonos Square, at the northern outskirts of Athens, was merely an unattended piece of land and the houses here were scarce. The residence of Stamatis Dekozis Vouros - which is nowadays home to the Athens City Museum - was built in 1833 and was shortly thereafter connected with the neighboring house of Afthonides. This was the building complex where Otto, first King of Greece, settled, after his wedding with 18-year old Amalia.

It was the young queen who organized the garden around the temporary royal residence, in 1836. "The old Palace garden" was the first public garden in the Greek capital. It featured four entrances, a fountain and a goldfish pond. It encompassed the area of modern Klafthmonos Square and extended all the way to Kolokotronis Square.

The modern garden of the Athens City Museum is only a small part of that great garden. However, it is a small oasis in the center of Athens. The palm tree planted by Amalia is still alive.

Respectful of the historical and natural environment, Black Duck Garden - Athens City Museum Bistrot awaits you in the garden during the summer, but also in the patio throughout the year, offering the famous hospitality of the "Black Duck".

Working all day from 10.00 as a café, bar, restaurant is the most hospitable summer multi space in the center of Athens.

The menu changes regurarly, offering rich selections of Mediterranean cuisine with European influences. The creative team of Black Duck cuisine supports the Greek small producers, thus shaping flavors from many regions of our country, while the hospitable staff proposes among the rich list of Greek wines either in a bottle or in a glass.

Black Duck is offered among other things for corporate presentations and parties, promotional events, gatherings, business appointments and personal events such as weddings, baptisms/ namings, birthdays, anniversaries etc

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Black Duck Garden – Athens City Museum Bistrot
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