Booze Cooperativa

capacity 50 - 400 people
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Booze Cooperativa

Booze Cooperativa was once known as the most innovative bar in Athens back in 1989. Today, its activities have expanded to include a well-organized canteen, exhibition spaces, and a theatre stage for visitors to enjoy.

In October 2010, Booze Cooperativa grew its premises by adding 5,000 square meters to its existing property. The new building block located beside the historic property at 57 Kolokotroni has become part of the multipurpose space, offering new meeting places for Athenian locals and a creative hub for artists.

The extension features a large stoa, two additional bars, a gallery, a designated area for book launches (Etage Litteraire), a seminar area, a restaurant (currently under construction), and many more places that will be gradually utilized to contribute to cultural and other events.

Booze Cooperativa has become a popular destination for alternative performances and theatrical events by amateur or professional groups. Additionally, visual artists can present their work in a unique and aesthetically pleasing space. The area also houses exhibitions of emerging and established artists.

Various events, such as live music concerts, screenings, press conferences, and university lectures, occur throughout the building.

Venue amenities
Service Icon Coffee tables, cocktail tables & stools
Service Icon Console with wireless hand-held & speaker microphones
Service Icon Professional Wireless Audio-visual Equipment
Service Icon Stage
Service Icon Video Wall
Service Icon Wi–Fi
Booze Cooperativa
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