KIN Cafe

capacity 10 - 50 people
Venue amenities

The Space of KIN Cafe

Nestled within a protected corner of Agios Sostis square, away from roads and cars, KIN Cafe is considered the ultimate children's playground and the ideal choice for social and corporate events.

The café's cosy and inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect venue for hosting intimate social gatherings. The interior is decorated with warm colours and comfortable furniture, providing a relaxed and comfy space for guests to socialize and enjoy any event.

The café's menu offers a variety of delicious treats and refreshments that are perfect for social events, business gatherings and children's birthday parties. From homemade waffles and pastries to healthy snacks and beverages, KIN Cafe has something to cater to all tastes and preferences.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, always willing to help guests plan and organize their events. In addition, they are well-trained in handling social events and children's parties, ensuring everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Venue amenities
Service Icon Air conditioning
Service Icon Catering
Service Icon CD/DVD Player & DJ set
Service Icon Coffee tables, cocktail tables & stools
Service Icon Standard Audiovisual Support
Service Icon Wi–Fi
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