Maze Games Chalandri

capacity 1 - 60 people
Venue amenities

Parties at Maze Games Chalandri

Maze Games Chalandri is known for its exceptional ability to organize children's parties that bring joy and excitement to many kids. The company offers spacious and isolated rooms dedicated to parties, ensuring privacy and a sense of exclusivity. Choosing an escape room for a party is a unique experience that promotes communication among kids and encourages them to use their imagination and common sense to solve puzzles and escape.

Maze Games Chalandri has designed all its escape rooms keeping in mind the children's age and adjusted the difficulty level accordingly. In addition, the company uses cameras, tablets, or walkie-talkies to ensure constant communication between kids and personnel. If required, a supervisor will also accompany the children in the room.



Maze Games Chalandri offers a comprehensive package of services that includes a unique space for cutting the cake and setting up a buffet. The company also provides popcorn for the kids, invitation cards, and a waiting room with a self-service coffee machine. Additionally, the party room is exclusively reserved for the event's duration.

Venue amenities
Service Icon Air conditioning
Service Icon Benches & Sofas
Service Icon Catering
Service Icon Coffee tables, cocktail tables & stools
Service Icon Concierge
Service Icon Display Screen 3x4
Service Icon Event planning
Service Icon Laptop
Service Icon Team Building Activities
Service Icon Wi–Fi
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