capacity 2 - 100 people
Venue amenities

Elevating Events with Exquisite Street Food Flavors at Monk

Monk, situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Glyfada, stands as the quintessential venue for hosting an eclectic range of corporate and private gatherings in the southern suburbs. Its ambiance, reminiscent of a monastery cellar, is meticulously curated with rich wooden accents and a captivating brass still at its focal point, exuding an aura of unparalleled sophistication and charm.

Infused with an ethos of versatility, Monk adapts seamlessly to the unique demands of each occasion. With an extensive selection of premium beers, fine wines, and tantalizing signature cocktails, complemented by a tantalizing fusion of comforting classics and innovative street food creations, Monk offers a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience where every detail is crafted with care, every flavor is an adventure, and every moment is infused with warmth and hospitality. At Monk, we invite you to elevate your events to new heights of excellence and indulgence.

Venue amenities
Service Icon Air conditioning
Service Icon Banquet Tables & School Tables
Service Icon Benches & Sofas
Service Icon Catering
Service Icon CD/DVD Player & DJ set
Service Icon Coffee tables, cocktail tables & stools
Service Icon Custom Space Configuration
Service Icon Event planning
Service Icon Standard Audiovisual Support
Service Icon Wi–Fi
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