Oia Mansion

capacity 2 - 30 people
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Oia Mansion Wedding Venue in Santorini

Oia Mansion in Oia Santorini is a landmark, a point of reference for the island.

Recently renovated to state of the art, Oia Mansion in Oia Santorini retains its authentic Sea-Captain house glorious ambiance: ornamented facade, spacious living room, vaulted ceilings, epoch chandeliers, hand-finished oak floors with irregular size strips, rare antique furniture, Venetian mirrors, etc.

The recent renovation incorporates the island's finest traditional architectural elements in an authentic yet contemporary manner. Hand-finished "built-in" beds, sofas, and tables in organic shapes, sculptured forms, and fluid lines. Plastered walls recreate the caldera's texture in colors ranging from bright white to earthly, elegant pastel hues.

Fine screeds on the floors, paints and lime washes on the interior and exterior walls, natural materials based on hydraulic mineral binders, mineral aggregates, and colored earth. All elements participate in a charming game of cosines, comfort, discreet luxury, and quiet sophistication!

Oia Mansion in Oia Santorini is a large, island-style luxury house, around four hundred square meters. Oia Mansion comprises five levels: ground floor, first floor, terrace, Jacuzzi level, and basement. Wireless internet access is available everywhere. Fully air-conditioned and centrally heated, it is one of the very few luxury residences inhabitable all year round.

Oia Mansion's Outdoors

The terrace has unobstructed sunset views and the Caldera and Aegean islands. The Jacuzzi and the sunbed are located at the highest level of the Mansion. The spacious and pebble-paved yard at the western side. The sky-lighted internal yard has a built-in peripheral couch and table shaped like a limpet. The "Aegean Balcony" on the first floor looks at the sunset and Aegean islands.

Oia Mansion's Indoors

The entrance hall with the traditional chandelier. The "Sea-Captain's office" with his desk, chair, and typewriter. The legendary living room that has hosted memorable glamorous events is the talk of the town. The equally legendary dining room with the antique dining table. Three bathrooms, two of which are en-suite. The large and fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen. The basement with an extra bed & bathroom that can host service personnel.

Oia Mansion's Rooms

The Sea- Captain's suite is located on the ground floor
Myrtali's suite is located on the ground floor
Yvonne's bedroom is located on the first floor
Nicoletta's bedroom is located on the first floor

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