Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens

capacity 15 - 500 people
Venue amenities

Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens

Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens opened its doors in 1976 on the border of the central park of AthensPedion Areos (Martian Field). For 35 years, the lovely park has been a wonderful host and marked the very identity of this leading deluxe hotel. Now, it was time for the hotel to host the park inside. This was the inspiration behind its recent renovation, which came to prove a virtual rebirth for Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens.

Right upon entering the spacious lobby, you can actually feel and smell the park: pale tree-trunks serve as elegant pillars amidst modern leather sofas; the canvas of scattered leaves on the ceiling gently alternates colors just like seasons do, balanced by the background of a contemporary art-wall.

This concept of urban nature, determining the further ongoing refurbishing of its rooms and suites, also reflects the hotel's philosophy. They want their guests, business and leisure alike, to actually live here rather than just stay. Hospitality in this venue means the discreet luxe ambience, all modern amenities, and the friendly as well as impeccable service that they offer. But more than that, it means providing a fulfilled getaway for the guest. A true home-away-from-home.

Venue amenities
Service Icon Air conditioning
Service Icon Baby Cots
Service Icon Catering
Service Icon CD/DVD Player & DJ set
Service Icon Coffee tables, cocktail tables & stools
Service Icon Conference Chairs
Service Icon Custom Space Configuration
Service Icon Display Screen 3x4
Service Icon Laptop
Service Icon Pool
Service Icon Room Service
Service Icon Secretarial Support
Service Icon Stage
Service Icon Standard Audiovisual Support
Service Icon Team Building Activities
Service Icon Video Wall
Service Icon Wi–Fi
Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens
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