Six d.o.g.s.

capacity 30 - 200 people
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Six dogs

Six dogs is an all-day/all-night cultural entertainment centre at the heart of Athens’ Historical Center (Monastiraki), which organically combines each one of its elements: a Gig Space, a Project Space, a Bar, a Foyer, and a Garden. It’s not introduced as a new space but as a new model for a room. It is suggested as a space which aims at constantly creating and maintaining a high-profile dynamic nucleus of cross-genre activities in a part of the city, which is natural to happen, aiming at being both avant-garde and pop.

Having a realistic average of hosting 500+ events each year, the space keeps up a hyperactive profile that is never indifferent. It is open from 10 in the morning till late in the night daily, serving a wide range of local goodies, unique cocktails, and homemade delights, all in a price-friendly package. One of the most dynamic Athens-based architectural offices, Point Supreme Architects, has re-designed the whole space.

The Foyer
The Foyer is a bright and relaxing space for the get-together, which functions as a sub-space for its neighbouring Gig Space since it has a wide opening connecting the two, thus serving as an in-between space, as well as an individual Bar/Café, depending on the occasion.

The Gig Space
The Gig Space is probably the nucleus of the complex: a flexible and neutral studio space that is configured for anything from live gigs, theatrical performances, parties, and screenings, to educational programs, workshops, seminars and lectures, both by young Greek artists and acts from abroad, constantly emerging, always fresh. With an emphasis on music, equally thrown upon live or DJ gigs, the space’s sound system is active almost on a year-round basis, offering an ideal experience of a solid and complete gig.

The Garden
Four months of daily hard work, 15 tones of 60-year-old trash, hundreds of meters of cable, tens of kilos of Swedish plywood, loads of river sand, a lot of feel-good workers, and most of all, respect for the natural surroundings that were yet to be uncovered underneath the muddy layers, and the back Garden opened its doors to the general public at the end of August 2010. The Garden is open from 10 in the morning, daily, till late at night, offering comfy custom wooden seating, handmade hammocks, Free Wi-Fi, many plugs around the trees (!) for laptops, shavers, etc., and many more.

The menu focuses on seasonal products and local groceries, serving Ice Teas, a large variety of Cocktails, homemade Deserts, Draught Beers, Bagels, Soups, six HOT d.o.g.s (of course!), a wide range of warm liquors, specially blended flavoured-infused Vodkas (Vanilla, Fig, Ginger, etc.). The Garden functions in an almost-silent bar way, handling the weight of the attention to the people and the surrounding natural space.

Venue amenities
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