Theocharakis Foundation

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The Theocharakis Foundation

The Basil and Marina Theocharakis Foundation is opposite the Hellenic Parliament, in Athens's cultural, political and commercial heart. The Foundation's premises on the corner of Merlin and Vassilissis Sofias streets were designed by Vassilis Tsagris during the last years of the 1920s; built in the eclectic style of the inter-war period, the building—which was listed in 1985--borrows freely from many European styles. Having served a variety of functions down the years, the B & M Theocharakis Foundation acquired the premises in 2005.

The building's exterior was renovated in line with plans drawn up by Dimitris Agiostratitis, while the Foundation's interior was reorganized by the architectural firm P. Tzonos-G. Heupel ensured that the resultant spaces provided all the facilities required by a contemporary cultural centre: galleries for temporary and permanent exhibitions, an auditorium for musical events, lectures and conferences, an Art Shop, a Café and a data access area. The architectural design was informed by a desire to achieve maximum functionality coupled with a high-quality aesthetic and recognizable personality. In addition, the Foundation has ensured full access for people with disabilities.

The Event Spaces

Lower ground floor: 175-seat Auditorium

Ground floor: Reception, Art Shop

First floor: Café Merlin

2nd floor: Exhibition space

3rd floor: Exhibition space

4th floor: Exhibition space

Venue amenities
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