Villa Amaya

capacity 2 - 20 people
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Villa Amaya in Lagonissi, Athens

Villa Amaya is a captivating fusion of industrial minimalism and artistic vibrancy. Cement takes center stage in this architectural masterpiece, setting the tone for modern luxury and minimalist design that runs through every inch of the building.

The villa's interior is adorned with op-art and pop-art elements, infusing the space with an irresistible burst of creativity and vibrancy. Bold colors, captivating patterns, and exquisite artwork combine to create an atmosphere that is both visually engaging and sensory stimulating.

Each room at Villa Amaya offers an expansive canvas of nature courtesy of large sliding glass windows. These stunning panoramic views create a seamless connection with the surrounding landscape, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the location.

For aficionados of collector cars and motocross, one of the rooms hosts a unique collection of vintage automobiles alongside a classic Honda CR 250 motocross bike. This distinctive setting is perfect for TV productions, film shoots, and photo shoots.

If you're a music enthusiast, you'll discover a specially designed room equipped with professional drums, inviting you to explore your musical passions in a harmonious retreat.

To further enhance your sense of well-being, Villa Amaya features a dedicated sauna room and an outdoor pool area thoughtfully designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. These spaces provide the ideal conditions and amenities for wellness retreats and yoga workshops.

In conclusion, Villa Amaya is a versatile and inspiring multi-purpose space that promises to elevate corporate events and business meetings. Whether you seek a backdrop for artistic exploration, a luxurious escape, or a hub for creativity, Villa Amaya is your canvas to craft unforgettable experiences.

Venue amenities
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