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WS Products Open Space Project

The state-of-the-art corporate exhibition of the companies Sub-Zero & Wolf and Fulgor Milano in Alimos manages to become much more than a simple exhibition space, offering know-how, high aesthetics, knowledge, and fun to those who decide to visit and get to know an even more exciting place. This space has two fully equipped kitchens with an island, a presentation area with a large plasma screen TV that connects to a computer or USB, and a patio.

The space can host from professional events, cooking seminars, and official events to any party - birthday or bachelorette. In detail, in ​​WS Products showroom can be hosted:

Corporate Events. Openings, team-building cooking workshops, an internal turnover, or any other important corporate moment can be an occasion to organize a corporate event. Through a hands-on experience or simply enjoying the delicacies that the corporate chef of Sub-Zero & Wolf and Fulgor Milano will prepare for the guests, every business meeting takes on another dimension.

Television productions and photography. The showroom is a first-class cooking studio for those who wish to create cooking videos and advertising spots. Sub-Zero & Wolf and Fulgor Milano's state-of-the-art kitchens are fully equipped and can host web or TV productions, commercials, and photo shoots.

Corporate Cooking Classes / Workshops for presentations of products or cooking equipment during which participants get to know, use, test the products, and create unique recipes or complete menus under the guidance of an experienced chef.

Cooking Workshops for private groups. For kids and adults. There are countless reasons to celebrate, and the ideas for doing so at our place are many since we give you the possibility to engage your guests with a highly enjoyable cooking workshop and host a private dinner or lunch.

Private dining. A dinner for elite guests with a full course menu, which can be cooked a la minute to be enjoyed afterwards in a pleasant environment in the heart of the Athenian Riviera.



The fully equipped showroom of W.S. Products can successfully host any photography/videography activity or corporate event, such as:

• Television productions for production companies | Filming | Spots | Web TV & Social Media
• Receptions and Private Business Meetings for companies
• Media Gatherings for advertising agencies
• Chef's Table Events
• Recipe testing
• All kinds of parties

Both the kitchen and the semi-outdoor area are available seven days a week based on availability. The cost of renting the space includes:

• Complete equipment for cooking and preservation of raw materials
• Variety in crockery and props
• Secure Internet and Wi-Fi, telephone

Rental cost per day: Upon agreement.
Rental cost per hour: Upon agreement.


Services Offered with an Additional Charge

Supplies of products and raw materials (the price does not include the final cost of purchases which the customer must undertake)

• Human resources for support (e.g., service, cleaning, etc.)
• Administrative assistance
• Experienced Corporate chef – Culinary advisor
• Cameraman with own equipment (the cost depends on the equipment)
• Photographer
• Catering (costs vary according to needs)

Venue amenities
Service Icon Air conditioning
Service Icon Display Screen 3x4
Service Icon Laptop
Service Icon Luggage Storage
Service Icon Parking
Service Icon Standard Audiovisual Support
Service Icon Wi–Fi
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