Gala Multi Events

capacity 30 - 450 people
Venue amenities

Outdoor Space

The Gala Multi Events outdoor area, with a spectacular view of the waterfall and the pond, can accommodate at least 500 people. During the summer months, the outdoor space is exceptional.

All spaces can be adjusted to your needs and desires and decorated in the preferred style, tailored to your aesthetics.

Event Hall

The renovated interior hall of the estate promises a dream wedding under the stars! Its 75m2 opening patio roof system will protect your guests in the event of sudden weather changes, making it the ideal option for winter and spring weddings!


We provide a basic free-of-charge decoration package for the hall and tables. In addition, customers can avail of our provided decoration service for both the estate and the church.

Buffet / Menu for Wedding & Baptism

Gala Multi Events pays attention to food quality and health standards. The expert kitchen staff and the state-of-the-art kitchen equipment underneath the banquet hall keep Buffet food within proper temperatures throughout the event. A taste test will confirm it, we promise!

Additional Services

  • Parking service provided by valets.
  • Wedding & Event Reception app to plan the guest list and seating chart.
  • No time restrictions.
  • Premises Cleaning throughout the event.
Venue amenities
Service Icon Banquet Tables & School Tables
Service Icon Benches & Sofas
Service Icon Catering
Service Icon CD/DVD Player & DJ set
Service Icon Coffee tables, cocktail tables & stools
Service Icon Conference Chairs
Service Icon Custom Space Configuration
Service Icon Disabled Friendly
Service Icon Display Screen 3x4
Service Icon Event planning
Service Icon Parking
Service Icon Wi–Fi
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