Pyrgos Petreza

capacity 60 - 1100 people
Venue amenities

Pyrgos Petreza

Pyrgos Petreza was genuinely built to house events. As such, it provides all the amenities and infrastructure to serve events of different types, styles and sizes effectively. Offering all its visitors an unexpectedly pleasant mood derived from its special atmosphere and unique aesthetics.

The Tower is mainly distinguished by its unique architecture and the landscape's natural beauty; however, its modern infrastructure is also making it an attractive destination for events of all kinds.

The six (plus two auxiliary) one-piece, column-free halls of the Petreza Tower (800 sq.m.), its fantastic terrace (400 sq.m.), but also its extensive, beautiful garden (1,800 sq.m. ), are ideal for small to medium scale events.

More specifically, the room can comfortably seat up to 400 people for dinner or lunch, an average of 250 people can be accommodated on the terrace, and a up to 1100 in the garden. In addition, it provides a sufficient number of parking spaces (more than 380).

There are a lift and accessible toilets available, while the modern kitchens, changing rooms, showers, and other staff facilities are designed to support each event's needs best.

Pyrgos Petreza stands out for the feeling of familiarity it creates for visitors, its efficiency and professionalism.

Venue amenities
Service Icon Baby Cots
Service Icon Catering
Service Icon CD/DVD Player & DJ set
Service Icon Coffee tables, cocktail tables & stools
Service Icon Disabled Friendly
Service Icon Parking
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