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Gazarte Cultural Hub Athens

Gazarte living room is a large area of libraries full of books and special publications on architecture, theatre, cinema, poetry, stage design and more. The patrons can sit comfortably on the cosy, warm-coloured couches and enjoy their drinks to the accompaniment of delicious finger food.

The warm, soft lighting of the lampshades and the beautiful classical carpets, combined with the wood that dominates all over the place, offer the sensation of a cosy atmosphere.
Moreover, Gazarte’s renovated bar offers its customers a variety of brand-new cocktails with fresh fruits and exotic spices. It is truly a pleasure to be with your friends in a cool shelter downtown, enjoying refreshing cocktails and delicious finger food.

An essential aspect of that unique terrace atmosphere is the careful selection of music played by the following radio producers: Kotseta Yota, Adam Petro and Tsitomenea Saki.

Gazarte also provides one of the most interesting terraces in Athens. At the centre of Gazi, only a breath away from Kerameikos metro station, our green, new terrace dominates among the industrial buildings of Technopolis Park.
Olive trees, pomegranate trees, tangerine trees and flower pots of lavender, mint and basil not only emerge their sweet scent but also offer a fresh cool breeze to our customers during hot summer nights.

On Gazarte’s second floor, one can find a sizeable unified hall of alternative aesthetics, ideal for conferences, company presentations and cultural events. Through its extended partitions of glass that circulate the entire place, the view of the Acropolis, the National Observatory and Lycabettus is more than fluid.

Heavy curtains obfuscate the hall when needed, as on unique video projections during daylight. However, with its walls decorated with visual constructions created especially for Gazarte by the sculptor Costis Papadopoulos, the whole area exudes a unique cultural atmosphere. The wooden floor, the impromptu bar with the vinyl records, the vast sofas, and the smooth, theatrical lighting combined with complete audiovisual coverage have all led to numerous companies’ profile presentations, conferences and workshops as this alternative space are ideal for such events.

Venue amenities
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