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VR Academy in Downtown Athens: A Versatile Venue for Every Occasion

VR Academy is the perfect venue for a wide range of events, from high-level corporate, scientific, or political meetings, strategic planning sessions, brainstorming, and closed-door collaborations to informative seminars, workshops, product presentations, team-building events, themed gatherings, and artistic exhibitions. Our flexible space accommodates various needs, ensuring a seamless event experience.

Enhance the ambiance with occasional atmospheric decor, such as rugs and lamps, complemented by a carefully curated musical atmosphere through our cutting-edge sound installation. This creates an inviting and dynamic environment, making your events memorable.

VR Academy offers a unique space for those interested in exploring virtual and augmented reality for training, entertainment, or staying informed about the latest technologies. Our venue is equipped with the latest VR/AR technologies, providing an immersive experience for guests.

Integrating virtual and augmented reality experiences into your events will elevate them to a new level, offering an unforgettable and innovative touch. Whether you have 12 people seated at the table, 25 people with a mix of grassland and additional seating, or a larger gathering of 35-50 people with table seating, extra seats, and cushions, VR Academy ensures a luxurious environment with high aesthetics, complete with structured wiring, optical fiber, advanced sound systems, and state-of-the-art screens. Host your next event with us and make it truly exceptional.


Venue amenities
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Service Icon Event planning
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Service Icon Laptop
Service Icon Professional WebCam for Covering Zoom/Teams Meetings
Service Icon Professional Wireless Audio-visual Equipment
Service Icon Secretarial Support
Service Icon Standard Audiovisual Support
Service Icon Team Building Activities
Service Icon Video Wall
Service Icon Wi–Fi
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