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-Ismos Gallery

In a quaint and sophisticated building of "Old Athens", located in a popular place of interest with high visibility, on the corner of bustling street Triptolemou with the most "quiet" street Eupatridon, is the new Art-Gallery, -ismos.

A cluster of two high-ceilinged spaces (space Alpha & Beta), connected with an inner courtyard, constitute the premises of -ismos.   Each room is available for rent both independently and as a whole.

The concept behind the design of -ismos' premises was to support the best way to host various artistic and non-artistic events.  Both spaces (50 m² each) are independently fully designed and feature permanent equipment.

Space Alpha, the more modern and independent one, is technologically equipped to provide all necessary digital presentation systems.  Space Beta - characterized as a more 'traditional' and social area, consists of three white, empty rooms with professional lighting that can cover any basic need of an art exhibition.

The inner courtyard (70 m²), connecting the two spaces, is the perfect outdoor environment for a pleasant "break" for small discussions, smoking, etc., that can also be available for rent according to each event's needs.  Its design with plants, tables and chairs, special constructions and books, with a background of soft music, creates an elegant environment of modern aesthetics in a harmonious "rapprochement" of the old internal Athenian courtyard!

More specifically -ismos can host events as follows:

Space Alpha

screenings – up to 40 persons
presentations – up to 40 persons
seminars – up to 40 persons / with the use of desks up to 20 persons
workshops – up to 40 persons / with the help of desks up to 20 persons
theme parties – up to 100 persons with the use of the courtyard

Space Beta

art exhibitions, seminars – up to 40 persons / with the use of desks up to 20 persons
theme parties – up to 100 persons with the use of the courtyard
-ismos as a whole (spaces Alpha + Beta and the inner courtyard) can host events of up to 200 people, while the above list is indicative and not restrictive, as there could be special agreements upon which the use of the courtyard is available, the spaces could be reformed appropriately etc

At -ismos' premises is permanently stored available equipment to meet the immediate basic needs of hosted events.  From desks to Swedish design furniture, flip charts, special levels for different surfaces, and additional technical equipment to further support presentations. -ismos can offer tailor-made solutions for every occasion.

By choosing -ismos, you select an affordable, complete proposal of rare aesthetics, which offers the uniqueness of a taste of old Athens!

Venue amenities
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