capacity 2 - 150 people
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A premier event space nestled in the heart of Athens

MoMix, situated on Voutadon Street in Kerameikos, anchors itself on the historic trail from Kallimarmaro, traversing the Acropolis, Thissio, and culminating at Technopolis. Its moniker, MoMix, is a fusion of Molecular Mixology, where the alchemy of molecular science intertwines with the artistry of bartending/mixology, crafting an unparalleled culinary journey.

From the early hours, in harmony with its avant-garde spirit, MoMix metamorphoses into a contemporary all-day bar. It offers a diverse range from coffee, brunch, and sweets to lunch, dinner, early & after-office drinks, and signature cocktails. A versatile haven, it's perfect for an array of social and corporate occasions - be it celebratory events, private soirées, professional meetings, or team bonding sessions.

The design of the revamped MoMix takes cognizance of the evolving landscape marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The interior boasts ample ventilation, with a fresh breeze flowing through the opening glass facade and a 20 sqm retractable roof.

To ensure hygiene, all bar surfaces facing patrons are crafted from plexiglass. Outdoor spaces beckon on both the ground floor (90 sqm) and the rooftop terrace (120 sqm).

The mandated social distances are meticulously adhered to in the outdoor area, serving as a blended space.

Demo Molecular Mixology Experience

An exclusive encounter is a cornerstone of MoMix's prowess in corporate events. Numerous executives from esteemed companies globally have immersed themselves in this experience, generously sharing their exhilaration!

A team-building spectacle unfolds through the applications of molecular mixology by MoMix. Participants, organized into teams, collaborate with skilled bartenders to curate a comprehensive Molecular Mixology experience. The spectacle is truly awe-inspiring, as the interplay of fire and smoke from dry ice elevates an unprecedented approach to the cuisine of tomorrow.

Venue amenities
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Service Icon Coffee tables, cocktail tables & stools
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