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Quick Features

  • Inspected Venue
  • Indoor Venue
  • Environmentally Friendly Venue
  • TAXI available outside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Church inside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Smoking Area Available
  • Restaurant
  • With Parking Space inside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Train, metro or tram station outside or at a walking distance from the Venue
  • Outdoor Venue
  • Non Smoking Area Available
  • With Standard A/V Support
  • Private Venue
  • Wi-Fi


Athina Greece

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Gazarte is a multipurpose arts and culture venue, offering several options of fun and entertainment. Its facilities include Gazarte Music Hall, the Bookstore and Gazarte Cinema on the ground floor, the Cocktails Bar Restaurant with Taratsa the first floor and the room multiple events on the second floor.


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This venue is mostly used for Concerts, Corporate Events, Cultural Events, Social Events,