Braimniotis Estate

capacity 50 - 1800 people
Venue amenities

Braimniotis Estate extends over a 10-acre garden where stone paths alternate with rare plants and centuries-old trees.

Careful down to the last detail and with the decoration of your choice, the Estate gives the feeling of being outside of Athens while being so close.

The space was designed with a unique architecture and style that wins impressions. It is the ideal place for the most memorable events. In the church of the Nativity of Christ within the Estate, every sacrament can be concluded and followed by a reception in the same area.

Next to an impressive infinity pool, an incredible waterfall plays with the senses. A stone-built path between dozens of palm trees is the ideal walk through the space.

The Braimniotis estate can accommodate any social event, 1,200 people for a plated meal and 1,800 for a buffet-style option. It also has a closed room made of stone and wood with large windows and an excellent view of the garden and the pool. They are events for events during the winter season.

The Mesogeios Estate can accommodate any social or corporate event, with 1100 people in a sitting room and 1800 in a standing meal.

Braimniotis and Mesogeios estates have a beautiful little church built with carved stone, where you can perform a great sacrament next to the reception area.

Venue amenities
Service Icon Banquet Tables & School Tables
Service Icon Benches & Sofas
Service Icon CD/DVD Player & DJ set
Service Icon Parking
Service Icon Photography / Filming
Service Icon Pool
Service Icon Standard Audiovisual Support
Service Icon Wi–Fi
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