Iliou Petra Estate

capacity 50 - 500 people
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The Spaces of Iliou Petra Estate

The Iliou Petra Estate is located at the highest point of the Markopoulos area (Merenda location). An impressive olive grove with a complete view of Mesogeia surrounds it. It has three independent spaces ("Ilios," "Petra," and "Pyrgos") that can accommodate up to 500 people and can be configured to fully meet the aesthetic and practical requirements of the most special day of your life.

The space has been carefully developed with complete respect for the natural landscape. At the same time, its diversity allows us to cater to different preferences and requirements. Wood and stone, playing with the hidden artistic lighting, develop a unique decoration to dress up your wedding.

"Pyrgos" is a place of unique aesthetics. Lying in the shadow of the stone tower, it fascinates both for the unique environment and meticulous attention to detail. Pyrgos can accommodate up to 500 people.

Behind the Mansion, "Helios" is a balcony in Mesogeia with a panoramic view, captivating both with its enchanting sunset and the twinkling lights in the distance of the horizon. Helios can host up to 250 people.

"Petra" has a more minimal aesthetic that combines the classic with the modern, leaving nature to impress with its unique beauty. The large bar and wooden seats blend harmoniously with the natural wood of the fence and the trees, and the waterfall with running water adds a wet element to the landscape. In contrast, quiet corners are created under the trees to host unique moments under the candlelight and with particular tones of artistic lighting. It can accommodate up to 350 people on the three levels of this space.

At Iliou Petra Estate, the most beautiful day of your life is set up like a fairy tale come true!

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