Alternative reception venues in the most beautiful spots in Greece

The classic wedding recipe includes a white wedding dress, a black suit for the groom and of course, a reception venue after the church ceremony. But, having to fulfill all these requirements may seem dull and compulsive. Actually, more and more couples opt for alternative paths, choosing not to follow the conventional style rather than a special reception location after the wedding ceremony. After all, the outdoor area of an estate, surrounded by lawn, equipped with the usual table seats is the most photographed background of wedding photographs. So, if you are one of those couples who would dare to do something unconventional, we present you the best ideas for alternative reception venues.

Winery with a view

What could be more romantic than a wedding in a historic winery? The excellent location and the magnificent views of the vineyards are two of the criteria that a winery definitely meets even if it is not located at the peak of a hill, while in terms of practical advantages, consider that you will not have to worry about parking, the volume of the music, nor about the quality of the wines!


The distinctive architecture and materials – stone and wood – will create a unique atmosphere, as your guests are welcomed with a glass of white wine aged in musky barrels and the Mediterranean breeze taking them on a journey. The stone church of Agios Georgios and the square under centuries-old pine trees, where you will see the fountain with running water, compose the setting of a picturesque village on top of a verdant hill. This picturesque Tuscan landscape, with the vintage touch of the old rustic wooden carriage – a perfect background for photos! – and the carved fountain, is located just minutes outside of Athens and is spread over 22 acres of organic olive grove and vineyard. That’s where Villa Carolina is built, providing all the infrastructure to make your dream come true. You will be captured by the unpretentious atmosphere and hearty hospitality with flowers and aromas guaranteeing an intoxicating experience for the most beautiful day of life.


A winery wedding always has a special rustic feel that makes it stand out. If, in fact, it takes place in a bioclimatic winery that has been distinguished for the wines it produces and in the Architecture Awards from the Hellenic Institute of Architecture, then it has all the specifications to give you an unforgettable experience. The Papagiannakou Winery is located at Kalogeri in Markopoulos and extends over 65 acres in the heart of the Attic Vineyards. The Winery is the ideal location not only for your wedding reception, but also for the celebration of your wedding, since it also has a picturesque chapel which gives the feeling that you are in a chapel in the countryside. You can decorate the reception hall as you wish, depending on the style you have chosen, as well as the outdoor area along the impressive swimming pool. Details such as catering, infrastructure and organization are taken care of by the winery’s partners.

wedding destination venues wedding destination venues wedding destination venues
Fairytale scene

Are you looking for a fairytale location, an imposing Medieval tower giving off a majestic aura of a previous era? If you dream of a princely wedding, there is no other venue more appropriate for you than that of a castle. From the first glance, Pyrgos Petreza will take you on a journey to the past: The palatial interiors, where the simple luxury of stone dominates, the arches and imposing chandelier win you over from the first moment, while the exteriors, with the gardens and the impressive stone staircase exudes grandeur. At the same time, however, the banquet hall also offers a perfect infrastructures for the impeccable hospitality of your guests. This is how a fairy tale is made, which you will narrate for the years to come.

Inspiring destinations

At first, a wedding in the countryside may seem like a beautiful occasion for a short trip, however, it takes a lot of preparation and that is why finding the right event space that will host your reception or wedding ceremony becomes more important. Prefer an estate, which can be rented for several days, to accommodate your guests and ensure absolute privacy while also providing food, such as the Candili guest house located in Evia – an ideal choice for those who want to combine mountain and sea- in a verdant area of 10,000 acres. Honoring the definition of an alternative wedding, here you can combine during your stay the preparations with relaxing yoga sessions or after-wedding decompression yoga!


The Peloponnese also generously offers postcard landscapes. However, you don’t have to choose, since the traditional guest house Epohes is located at the junction of the prefectures of Messinia, Elis and Arcadia at the entrance of the mountain village of Ambelionas, hidden among chestnut forests. Exchange vows of eternal love in this idyllic retreat and celebrate with your guests under the stars on the stone-paved patio.

A bit of wine, a bit of sea

The relaxing atmosphere of the sunset on the beach, the light sea breeze, the sand and the sound of the waves are the perfect summer setting for a boho wedding. Let the romantic mood flood the venue and decorate it with earthy and nature-inspired vintage elements. Carpets and candles are the touch you are looking for to get your party off the ground and all this on your favorite beach in or outside of Attica. You can even choose a beach with a chapel, so you can easily combine the ceremony with the wedding party! Go for a beach with a beach-bar and available infrastructure, such as shade, toilet, bar and kitchen, such as Varkiza Resort which provides comfortable and full access to the sea and why not, your arrival on the beach by sea.


Finally, a secluded beach that has a special place in your heart or your favorite island may be a more complicated choice, but it will definitely make a difference. Santorini belongs to the top 3 islands preferred by newlyweds with the clear blue sea, the small white houses and the most impressive sunset creating an undeniably impressive sight. Come on a romantic getaway to the beach of Santorini in the wonderful seaside landscape of Exo Gialos which promises an excellent setting for your most special day. Here you will feel the unique vibe of the island, welcoming the new beginning of your life with the help of nature and the organizational insight of the Yalos restaurant that will undertake to offer you a unique experience.


Whether you choose for your wedding reception the space of a winery, the fairytale setting of a tower, the Greek countryside or a magical beach, the key to the success for the happiest day of your life is your inspiration. And they say inspiration comes from everywhere. But really, it all starts with you two and your story!

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